I'm choosing the Ace of wands because of the up and coming Total Lunar Eclipse on 10/12/11. This Lunar eclipse will speed up the healing of the last total Lunar eclipse on 16 June 2011. That eclipse was severe and pushed needed change drastically. This eclipse is the ending of the situation. It may not be harsh, but it will be intense and it will resolve any issues from that last eclipse.

The Ace of Wands is a beautiful card to pull from the deck in a tarot card reading as it is fundamentally about spiritual growth and expansion. In light of the eclipse it promotes growth from the previous eclipse and suggests that what ever needed healing is now about to culminate and that resolution can be had. Lessons have been learnt, unnecesary freindships have been ended, new people have entered and you are moving to a greater place of healthy relations.

The Ace of Wands is also about a breakthrough. This too resonates with the eclipse. It indicates actions. It is asking you to find inspiration and enthusiastic around an idea or project that you have in mind. If in relation to a relationship it is asking you to stand up and be brave. To go with your gut.

This may be to leave someone or something behind and this often happens in an eclipse, whether we like it or not. This may be that you have wanted to start something new a project or a relationship - think back to June 15 (it will give you a clue). It suggests that now is the right time to begin, now you have the growth and experience from the prior eclipse (and the healing) to move towards that goal.

Aces are about beginings and good opportunities, they represent the seeds of begining. We need to plant the seed and the ACE of wands suggests this is the right time. Eclipses are generally not a good time to plant seeds ( as you would have dicovered in the June eclipse). However, this one is an excellent time as it is the follow through and the culmination of the last eclipse.

Be careful, of course, as the energy in the Ace and in Wands and in Eclipse time is raw. It is viogorous and omnipotent and headstrong. Make sure you have clear will and have learnt your lessons.

Communication is strong and important with this card and the eclipse. Take extra care that what you are saying is from your heart and not covering up how you feel. Take care of how you communicate - remember it is raw - the past is sure to come up (for the purposes of healing) and the truth will be unveiled.

It may be shocking (in a good way), try to use the growth you have experiened since the last eclipse to openly discuss your honest feelings and fears. Remember also, Both Aces and Eclipses have long lasting effects.

It should be a beautiful and rewarding suprise whatever happens when you pull the Ace of Wands and with the Dec 10 2011 eclipse..

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Megan Jackson, a 41 year old mother, mentor, healer, writer, artist, charity director and psychic, tarot card reader, living in Brisbane Australia. I beleive that in most cases people are what they think and therefore what they feel. I have studied psychology, journalism, philosophy, spirituality, metphysics and people throughout the years and am ever growing and learning. I feel rewarded when using my intuitive gift and elated when people's lives change for the better from my guidance and insight. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have travelled around Australia reading for international guests and locals alike. My readings are accurate, insightful, prophetic, no nonsense and affordable tarot. Google