Here is a simple, effective, easy to follow 6-step process so that you can design your life with greater trust and accuracy.

After a thorough research process, I’ve uncovered 6 key steps that unfold during the process of creating your dream life. The research came from a compilation of data from thousands of clients and students over the past 15 years. Specifically, I focused in on those who were successful in breaking through their glass ceiling through spiritual healing.

I’ve also created an acronym to help you make it easier to apply into your life. DREAMS.

How to build your life to make your DREAMS come true. Here are the steps.

Step 1 - Discovery

First of all, it begins with the aha moment. An intuitive insight that makes it clear to you that something needs to change. This can often come across as something being ‘off’ or a yearning to change your life. When experiencing this intuitive insight, it is important to take a step - no matter how small. This is where most people get stuck; they stay here for most of their lives. At a minimum they generally spend 1 to 2 years here. And the longer it is, the more difficult to get the momentum needed for your breakthrough.

Here is a free meditation to help you get started with self-healing and discovery.

Step 2 - Redesign — Design Your Life For You

After this intuitive insight, you need to create a road map. A next step or steps that take you to the next level (whatever that may be for you). When you initially have that intuitive insight and aha moment, you see what needs to unfold. This happens for everyone. What you do with it determines whether you move forward or not. When you get the aha moment, all of the objections come to the surface. The ‘why you can’t do it’ stuff. It all happens in a few seconds.

Talking Yourself Out Of It

For some, they talk themselves out of it and then months and years pass by. Later on, they don’t know why they feel depressed or filled with anxiety. They’ve allowed their objections to be bigger than their yeses. This is why it is important to hold a space of optimism.

Following Through

Those who follow through experience life very differently. They have a level of self-confidence and momentum that they build on. You get to a point where you trust your intuition and go with it. Even if it is becomes a mistake, the level of confidence is so grounded that you learn from it and keep going. I help people in this process with guided meditation.

Step 3 - Encouragement, Elevation and Creative Expression

It is amazing how impactful this is. Faced with some really tough choices, walking your optimal choice can seem very daunting. When you are in a raw and vulnerable place, the tiniest bit of encouragement lifts you to a whole new level. Encouragement will uplift you beyond what you could have ever imagined. Your creative expression comes forth and your every ounce of breath will make it happen.

I know this from my own personal development and experiences. While I had some tearing away at me, those in my past, I also had those who I knew were true to our friendship. Because of this, it is essential in this step, to surround yourself in the company of those who reflect the direction you want to go in life. Your inner circle is a reflection of who you are in the world and the direction that you are going to go.

Encouragement must also come from within. In fact, you cannot move forward authentically without this element of courage. To live from a full heart is to live freely and genuinely. Here are some basics to meditation techniques that can help you along your spiritual journey.

Step 4 - Alignment

Living your truth. After the initial stage of excitement it will be important for you to keep going! At about this point, a new level of objections come forth - and at times like a ton of bricks. These objections could come from the external world or internally. There is a way to side step this though, by developing your higher consciousness through spiritual healing.

Life alignment is a very specific step to break through your glass ceiling and clear your limiting beliefs. Developing a higher consciousness allows you to see the bigger picture and keep an eye on your direction. This is also a great opportunity to check in with yourself and double check that the direction you are travelling is your optimal path. Because of this step, your long term vision breathes life into your dreams.

Step 5 - Mastery

Practice makes progress. The fifth step involves affirming and claiming the reality you are creating for yourself. Sometimes, this involves going back and doing steps 1 through 5 again. Once you get to this stage you will probably realize that the solutions to your previous challenges may not make sense in the present time. This is because the level of awareness about yourself has changed. This can be subtle, but those around will often remark on how much you’ve changed. Mastery involves practice and refinements, plus a bold enthusiastic YES!! This is the step that makes your dreams unshakeable.

Step 6 - Self-Love

Cliche… I know. That said, this final step is kind of a big deal. Can you truly say that you love yourself? If you only did this one step, everything else would easily fall into place for how to design your life. All of the previous steps build you up to this place of self-love. Practice self-love and watch miracles unfold. Love conquers all.

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Naïve Optimist. Spiritual Strategist. 15+ Years Mysticism Meditation Teacher. Writer.

Hi! My name is Leo. I am just slightly partial to improving the quality of life on planet earth. Born a highly intuitive person, I have learned to use these abilities in a lifelong spiritual journey for inner and global peace.

Imagine, a society brimming with so much heart-felt joy that such things as war will all but disappear into the history books. Picture it. It is completely possible and totally doable.

One nugget of wisdom for you: if you can dream it, it is entirely within your reach and ability to create it.

Catch up with you where I catch up with you. Peace.

Peace Compass

Clear Mind. Full Heart. Happy Life.”