The 5 W’s and an H of Life

When I was in grade 3, I learned a technique of journalistic writing using the 5W’s + H. Asking “WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN and HOW” was a formula we used to map out all of the details to get a complete story. By asking each of those questions we were able to reveal the whole story without leaving a rock unturned. Little did I know at that time how effective this mind mapping tool would be in uncovering the whole truth of a person’s life. By asking each of these questions, you could better create a clear vision for personal growth, goal setting and timed framed achievements. Let’s take a look at how these questions can be applied to your life.


At some point, I think everyone has asked themselves “WHO AM I?” How do you define an identity? What are the true elements that make a person genuinely unique? Although the factors could change from person to person, there are some things that apply to everyone like having values and/or morals. Below are a few questions you could ask yourself to help define your identity:

What Values do you hold highest?
What would you like your legacy to be?
How do you want others to view you?
What do you feel is your life’s purpose?

By looking internally and taking the time to come up with honest responses, you could better form your identity and start living your true authentic self, while being aligned with your life’s purpose.


By having a solid understanding of what you want, you are able to set goals and take steps to create your IDEAL LIFE. When I was training to become a coach at the World Coach Institute, one of my instructors shared with the class one of the most profound questions that can be used to uncover any goal or personal destination you may have.

What is your ultimate goal?

By asking this question, you can dig deep and remove all of the superficial layers and get to the root of what is going to make you successful: THE DRIVE AND MOTIVATION OF ACHIEVING YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL!!! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? The first step of achievement would be assessing your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and ensure they are stepping stones to the ultimate goal. If you start to feel lost, ask yourself if what you are doing fits in with this wonderful ultimate goal. If it doesn’t, you need to get back on track by whatever means necessary.


Have you ever sat and day dreamed about where you’d like to be 5, 10 15 or 20 years from now. What sort of life are you living? Who is with you? What is your living environment look like? Have you achieved all of your goals? Having the drive to dream about where we would like to be is certainly a strong force in achieving your ultimate goal.
When asking yourself where you’d like to be whether literally or figuratively, you need to focus on the positive and less on where you don’t want to be. If you think about as though it has already happened, you are far more likely to attract those goals. If you focus on the positive, you will attract the positive but the same works with the negative. If you continually focus on where you
don’t want to be, you’re far more likely to attract exactly what you don’t want. One thing that is very important to establishing some direction in your life is by knowing when you have reached your destination.


Why is it so important to achieve your goals? This may seem a bit obvious but honestly if you can’t name a few reasons off the top of your head, your goals may not be powerful enough. The first step could be asking yourself why these goals are important to you. You need to give your goals conviction. If you don’t, you are far less likely to achieve them. Setting goals gives you a long term vision and short term motivation. There is also a sense of pride when you have completed your goals. Here are some great questions you can ask to pave your way through goal setting.

What will I gain by achieving my goals?
What will I gain by not achieving my goals?
How will my life be better by achieving my goals?
How will I feel knowing what I’ve accomplished?
Does this help shape my legacy?

Remember that only you can answer these questions, but you may gain some clarity and a sense of urgency in accomplishing your goals when you fully understand why you are trying to achieve them.


There is a great tool that many coaches and other professionals use for goal setting. It is the acronym

S pecific
M easureable
A ttainable
R ealistic
T ime Framed

I love this tool as a coach because it makes the process of setting goals much easier. For the purpose of
this segment we will just focus on the Time Framed portion of SMART. Set a time limit on when you
would like to achieve your goal. Without a time limit, there is no sense of urgency in achieving your goal. Having a time frame also allows you to measure your progress.


So I guess this is the million dollar question. You have established yourself as a truly unique individual, have an understanding of what your ultimate goal(s) is, you know what you want your life to look like and where you’d like to be, you are clear why your goals are important to you and you’ve given yourself a time frame for completion. Now what? You need to create an action plan for making all of these things happen. Start living the way you want your life to be, embody your goals, stay true to your vision and write down the steps you are going to take in order to live your IDEAL LIFE daily. Ensure that every life decision you make is a significant piece of your life goal puzzle and that all of the pieces fit together. Have fun, embrace your passion and stay true to “WHO” you really are. Being honest with yourself will be your compass in whatever direction you want your life to lead.

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