Calgary Movers has entered into discussions with all Calgary Moving Companies to list the most frequently made moving mistakes for you. These are the 10 biggest annoyances of professional movers. It often happens that during a move things are packed that are still needed, or accidents happen with a lot of water and so on. By not making these most common mistakes, you ensure that the movers can do their job well and you can move to your new place satisfied. 

1. Sloppy packing

You will of course save a lot of money if you do a round at the supermarkets in your area every day for free boxes, but unfortunately cheap is often also expensive. It is not useful at all to have different sizes of boxes. This creates instability in the moving van, which can cause boxes to fall over and thus damage your belongings. Make sure you use good moving boxes in a standard size. Ultimately it will cost a little more money, but the move will take a lot less time because of this. For good moving boxes, you can go to budget stores.

2. Requesting your internet contract too late

Home is where the WiFi connects automatically. But don't wait too long to request your TV and internet. Make sure you do this at least two months in advance, because providers need time to ensure that you are connected to the network in your new home. If you do this well in advance, you also have time to compare the different providers and thus save costs.

3. Starting sorting and packing too late

The biggest job of moving is sorting, packing and throwing away things. So start with this well in advance, so that you can determine what is and is not allowed to go to the new house. The most convenient is to do this room by room, for example, start in your utility room where there are things that are used the least and end in the kitchen. Make sure you don't have to mess around and pack everything on the day itself, this takes time and time is… money!

4. Don't underestimate a move

Many people think 'oh that happened in a few hours, we'll be ready in a few hours'. But don't underestimate the time a move takes. If you have prepared everything well in advance, it will be much easier to move on the day itself. Make a good checklist in advance and start the preparations on time.

5. Make sure there is enough space for the moving van

A moving van is BIG! So make sure that there is enough space at your old and new house to park the moving van. If necessary, ask the neighbours if they want to park the car somewhere else that day, so that you don't have to walk half a kilometre with a mega heavy antique sideboard that you inherited from your grandmother. This way everything goes a lot faster and you can enjoy your new home faster. And it also saves a lot of muscle soreness the following days!

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