By Coach Stephanie Wood, PPC, Your Body Image Expert

“96% of women suffer from Body Image Anxiety..”

Do you remember a few years back when Dove ran those "Real Beauty" advertising campaigns? The year was 2004, over a decade ago!

  • And that was years BEFORE “selfies”, Instagrams, FB, and other ego shattering applications…
  • And years AFTER photo-shopping the fat away for magazine layouts, rose color filters to hide the wrinkles in film and tv, and secrecy behind plastic surgery.
  • Real Women featured in Dove Advertising campaign, 2004

    After a worldwide study of women around the world revealed that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful,

    Can you believe that?? Only 4%! That's both crazy and sad.

    Those results inspired Dove to create a campaign of appreciation for real women rather than “ideal” women.BTW, who defines “ideal” women, anyway? If we are to believe the fantasy factories (magazines, film, television advertising) she is a size “0” with implants, long legs, short waist, large lips and probably blonde with a flawless complexion aka Barbie?

    In a follow up study in 2007, “Beauty Comes of Age,” revealed that 91% of women ages 50–64 believe it is time for society to change its views about women and aging. The campaign celebrated the essence of women 50+—wrinkles, age spots, grey hair, and all. International photographer Annie Leibowitzsupported Dove’s efforts at improving every woman’s self-image regardless of age, shape, or size.

    In 2011, Dove’s Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited. The study revealed the anxiety about looks begins at an early age. In a study of over 1,200 10-to-17-year-olds, a majority of girls, 72%, said they felt tremendous pressure to be beautiful.

    The study also found that only 11% of girls around the world feel comfortable using the word beautiful to describe their looks, showing that there is a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in girls' confidence as they grow older.

    That was then, this is now!

    The Body Knowledge System ® provides the solution for the majority of us to leave the 96% behind and join the 4% who feel confident about their place in the world.

    Who are these elite 4% who consider themselves “beautiful”? They practice body wisdom.

    Using tools and strategies developed from years of research, experience, education, and training, the Body Knowledge System® evolved to improve your body image from the inside out giving you the Body Wisdom within the 4% who acknowledge their beauty because it’s within their bodies.


    With the practice of the Body Knowledge System® (link)

    • The focus is personal: there’s only one you.
    • The emphasis is on the individual: you
    • The process is customized: only yours
    • The solution is sustainable: you are always in control
    • The outcome is:SUCCESS!

    It’s never too late to join the 4% of women who have brought back their body confidence.

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As a Dancer, Choreographer, Personal Trainer, Body and Business Coach/Mentor, Stephanie Wood's focus is now with her Body Knowledge System ® Philosophy for Living-Doing it Your Way! (a Pioneer here/her legacy) which is a practical system to have people realize the importance of including their body’s intelligence in every choice they make (including and not limited to food, exercise, health, events, environment, work and relationships). She also enjoys Mentoring Professionals in Wellness in beginning and thriving within their new entrepreneurial business. Certifications are available.