You want success. And you’d like it to be easier! Have you really thought about what it takes? You know…I mean to get there. There are three key “abilities” that can and will get you there…faster, easier and with greater staying power.

Wondering how three things can make that much difference? Would you like to know what they are? More importantly, after you learn them, will you do something about it?
Let me share them with you one at a time.

The first “ability” you must have to be successful is Visibility. In order for you, the product/service you offer or the cause you represent to be successful your target market and prospects must know you exist. While this may sound simplistic…it is absolutely true!

You have to get your offering out in front of people. The challenge today is that there is so much “noise” out in the marketplace it’s hard to be heard. This is where you have to differentiate yourself from the field. You must find a way to get your message heard above the rest with the quality to insure that prospects come to you for solutions to their needs, wants and desires.

The second “ability” you must demonstrate to be successful is Credibility. You have to be a credible and reputable supplier of the desired solution. The more credible you are the more business you stand to do because people naturally do business with those they know, like and trust. And out of the three, trust is by far the most important.

You credibility and integrity are paramount in the eyes of those looking to do business with you. Sharing testimonials from satisfied customers and clients helps share your story of your commitment to the success of other through providing them the solutions they desired at a fair and equitable price.

And when you accomplish the first two “abilities”, the third “ability” and most critical to your long-term success can be realized. The third “ability” is that of Profitability.

In order to stay in business, and continue to serve your market, prospects, customers and clients, you have to have a profitable thriving business or all the good intentions in the world will wither and go by the way side. You for to help others you must first learn how to help yourself!
Personally, I use a number of different systems to help me with these three abilities. One of quickest and easiest to use is video email (you can learn more at ).

Why does it make such a difference you ask? Simple…it assures my COMPLETE message gets through. My prospects, customers and clients can listen to the words, hear the inflections and tone of my voice, and see the facial expressions and gestures to allow for greater quality in the communication process.

A number of other reasons video email is so powerful is it is more personal, quicker, people prefer to listen than read and potentially the biggest reason is that it differentiates my message from the multitudes. Bottom line, it creates Visibility which adds to my Credibility which quickly leads to greater Profitability!

To learn about video email or any other of the business growth strategies you can employ, please feel free to drop me an email at or visit .

Author's Bio: 

Scott Schilling is the founder of Schilling Sales and Marketing, Inc.—an organization committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today's Challenges through sales training, consulting, coaching and implementation strategies. Bottom line, Scott helps women entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Scott brings 30+ years of life experience in sales, marketing, training, and speaking to business owners, and entrepreneurs.

His purpose: To Inspire and Empower others to serve humanity through living their life's purpose in spirit, love and joy!

Scott’s books include “104 Tips to Sell More with Less Effort” ,“Talking With Giants!”, “Thank God I…”, “GPS for Success”, “Extreme Excellence”, “Conversations on Success” and “Wake Up…Live the Life You Love”.