Who is the undomesticated creature? How has she liberated herself? What are her ways?

The wild woman is the creative essence in each of us, it is the womb of all potential, a fully unknowable, ripe void of possibilities for birth, growth and transformation. Wether we know it or not, each and every one of us is drawn to this place of untamed, wild, wise, freedom.

When this instinctual and intuitive aspect of our being is rejected or disowned by our being, it becomes destructive and gives rise to a domestication that imprisons, limits and creates unimaginable suffering.

Each and every one of us either directly, or indirectly are being called to the place of the wild woman. It is from her that the birth of life originates; until the moment of discovering Her, we are dead.

1. She is Unapologetically, Fully Herself

A wild woman does not apologize for who she is, she does not change who she is. She is who she is without reservations. She unleashes her being in every moment, as all things, through all things. Everything around her is touched and transformed by who she is. She is aware of this and is herself for the sake of a continual awakening within her own being, and the being of life itself.

2. She Does Not Follow Rules

The wild woman does not do what she is told. She does not take orders. She does not listen to the commands of others. She is her own conductor, she creates her own music. Her movements and her dance, comes from a place that is not pre-determined or pre-destined, is is completely 100% new in every moment. She acts on instinct not in order. This, therefore, makes her unpredictable and uncontrollable.

3. She Speaks Her Mind

The words of the wild woman have the ability to create or to destroy, so she uses this power wisely. She is able to detect what is untrue instantly, and therefore knows truth continuously. It is this Truth that is her duty to speak into words. Her words are charged with the sacred powers of Truth, and therefore have an impact upon the world of form that is immediate, and metamorphic.

4. She Expresses Herself

The wild woman uses feelings to her advantage. She uses them as a compass. Her intuition never leads her astray. She knows who she is is beyond the changing colors and shapes in the sky, her soul is eternally blooming. She is never dry or bereft of creative ideas, for she is ripe and fertile. All that comes to her is multiplied. She uses the expression of her being to give life to others, to bring them up from the dead.

5. She Is Independent

The wild woman answers to nothing and to no-one. She makes independent choices based on a deep inner wisdom that is ancient – as old as time. She is reliant only on the energy that sustains her, which has no beginning and no end. She is not held back by the decisions of others and moves forward fearlessly in the direction of justice and freedom at all costs. She receives no consequences for her actions, since her actions stem from a world that exists beyond cause and effect.

6. She Moves Freely

The wild woman does not stay in one place. She is like the wind. She blows in all directions and does not stay fixed or rooted. She is in constant motion, because she understands that moving water is alive and not dead. She is responsible for her own body and chooses where it will go and whom it will be with. It is her body that she is entrusted to and she is forever devoted to its wisdom and grace.

7. She Knows The Truth

She isn’t swayed by what other people say. Words don’t hold meaning for the wild woman, unless their origin is the Truth. The wild woman is driven by knowing and not by knowledge. She has no need for information, she already knows everything that she needs to know in order to sustain her life. Her source of wisdom is never obstructed, and she exists in complete clarity, for she is the clarity. It is her Truth that feeds her, clothes her and gives her a home.

8. She Creates Without Limits

The wild woman has no expectations, for she does not create for any purpose other than her nature. It is her nature to breath life into each moment through her unreserved, and mysterious essence. Simply through her presence, life is completely, fully, renewed in each moment. She does not need to know or control anything that originates from her, because she understands that it does not belong to her. It is simply a part of her. Her creations hold the eternal matrix of the timelessness, and are not subject to the cycles of birth and death.

9. She Is Not Nice

The wild woman is not nice, she is not kind, she is not cordial, nor is she predictable. In fact, the wild woman is dangerous, for everything that comes into contact with her is in search for the Truth. The Truth that she offers can create or destroy, and so others are weary of her and few approach her unless they are ready to leave the lonely shore of the known and predictable. The wild woman does not respond to labels or names, she only responds to the genuine cries of hearts that are in search for the Truth.

10. She Doesn’t Look Back

The wild woman is like a river. She only moves in one direction. Her origin is the present. She only acts on what is true right now, not what was once true or what could be true. She is not bound by stories, memories or even thoughts. She is completely available to whatever is arising in each moment and she allows this to create each and every step that she takes. The future is not created by her past, and does not even exist – in fact! The past and the future is one dream, that she does not dream. She is only ever available right now, and one must be fully present to meet her and discover her, and the gifts that she offers.

Author's Bio: 

Kasia Jarosinska is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and writer living in San Diego, CA. She has been published in local lifestyle magazines, Eco-living publications and international fashion magazines.