The Right Time to Adapt
We are positive that, sometime in their lifespan, everybody has encountered the term “Survival of the fittest” that emerged in Darwinian evolutionary theory.
Although Darwin used the phrase to illustrate the principle of evolution, it seems appropriate in the present pandemic time that has affected one and all, and where survival is totally related to the ‘adaptability quotient’ of individuals and businesses alike.
Before the crisis, if a business relied on a physical place and on in-person communications with clients, suppliers, and staff, it would have made sense to stick strictly to traditional structures and paper procedures. On the other hand, using digital elements such as blogs, smartphone applications or electronic payment systems does also not imply that a company has experienced a full digital transition.
The ongoing global health crisis has transformed the corporate world with recommendations and regulations on remote employment and social isolation. Even if some businesses are fortunate enough to continue working, these radical changes might mean that it is time to immerse themselves in a digital transformation completely.
Although certain markets, such as logistics, EdTech, cloud kitchens, and consumer products, either remain relatively unaffected or are currently flourishing, most others need to be well-positioned to cope with the long-term economic effect of corona virus on their companies.
Though building a successful business is a journey of a lifetime and destined to witness catastrophes, now is the time to take full advantage of modern technologies to stay on top of the pandemic and securing a comfortable and adaptable seat capable of mitigating future threats. Insights Success thus, enlists “The 10 Most Leading Digital Solutions Providers to Watch in 2020”, which are redefining the industries with their innovative and digital services.
We start our issue with MariApps, a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry. The firm serves the industry with a vision i.e. not to be the largest player in the market but to be the niche player, serving the organizations on a digital journey.
Next up is Social DNA, a result-driven digital marketing powerhouse that’s been ranked among the Top 3 Advertising Agencies in Hyderabad for the year 2020; and finally Zensciences, a brand and digital marketing consultancy, were well aware of this necessity, having seen something close unfold before their eyes throughout their careers.
We would also like to mention Brainstorm Technologies, INCITE, Interactive Avenues and Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd for their contributions to the industry.
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