As a law of attraction life coach, I'm often asked by clients and friends what exactly is the best way to make the law of attraction work for you instead of against you. Of course while there are many ways to engage the magic of attraction one way really stands out for me and that in two words can be described as self-love. I know I know let the eye-rolling begin! But really think about it for a moment: would a person who has a true and healthy sense of self-love generally engage in positive thoughts and actions or negative ones? Would he or she feel positive most of the time or negative? Of course the answer to both is positive! And in accordance with law of attraction when you are thinking, feeling, and acting positively then you are most certainly attracting positive people, circumstances, and events to you. This is why self-love is the main key to getting-or more accurately ALLOWING-the law of attraction to work for you. As someone who has attracted many negative circumstances to her in the past (such as a miserable marriage) due to depression and lack of knowledge regarding spiritual laws, and also has now attracted (and continues to attract) many wonderful circumstances and people including my soulmate and a beautiful, brand new home, I can tell you with absolute certainty that self-love is the best and most reliable way to start attracting and manifesting the life of your dreams.
To be very clear on what self-love means to me here are a few examples of thoughts a self-loving person would have and the actions that would follow: "I am so glad to be with a partner who knows my value and treats me so well" Action: shows love to partner by cooking a special meal or buying flowers and graciously allows a gift to be reciprocated. Another self-loving thought: "My body is a temple, I am going to feed it healthy foods and exercise it" Action: eats a plate of carrots or has an apple and takes a walk. Another self-loving thought and action: "I did a really great job on that project and I am fortunate to have a boss who appreciates my efforts" Action: treating oneself to a special treat like a mani/pedi or a special dinner. Loving thoughts and actions such as these are direct messages to the universe proclaiming "I know I am valuable and lovable and deserve to be treated as such" which the universe WILL recognize and respond with "Your wish is my command". So you may be saying "Vania, makes a lot of sense that loving yourself would attract to you great things but how exactly does one start loving him or herself?" One of the best ways to start loving yourself is to start meditating on a regular basis. Meditation is among the healthiest and most positive actions a person can take to cultivate self-love (among other positive results such as inner peace and happiness). When done right and consistently it allows you to gain control over your emotions and recognize that you HAVE emotions bur you are NOT your emotions. This is so important! So often people believe every single thought they have about themselves because, well simply, they are having them so they must be true. This is FALSE. It is imperative to keep in mind that just because you think certain things about yourself, again usually negative, does not make them true and meditation will most assuredly help you see that.
So how does one meditate? The process is simple: sit in a comfortable position (or lie down if you can't sit just making sure you are awake the whole time), close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. When a thought comes- and in the beginning especially this will be a challenge as the mind LOVES to interject as much as possible- just gently release it and concentrate on your breathing again. Do this for as long as you can, hopefully for at least three minutes to begin with, but really even the smallest amount of time spent meditating will yield positive results. THAT'S how powerful meditation is. You can also find some great guided meditations online if you prefer an easier but just as effective approach. So in conclusion, keep thinking self-loving thoughts, taking self-loving actions, meditating, and the universe will show it's immense love for you in return. I am certain of it.

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Vania Majarian is an in-demand law of attraction life coach. She specializes in the areas of self-love and intuition-specifically how to use both in order to engage the magic of attraction and live the life of your dreams. Contact her for a FREE 30 minute session.