Gratitude – this is the common thread that runs through Americans this week. As I was taking my morning walk this morning at 7:30 along the beach, the town was just waking up. The famous Venice boardwalk which is usually populated with strange and wacky people and shops was locked up tight. Just a few café’s were open for early breakfast customers. The ocean was blue and sparkled as the sun was shining brightly on the water. As I walked along the boardwalk, breathing in the fresh air, I began to think about how much gratitude I have for life. As other’s do this week, I started to make a mental list of things I appreciate and try not to take for granted. There are simple things such as good health, family, love, and friends. There is a roof over my head, and food in my kitchen. My little dog Laci, rubs up against my leg with affection, knowing that she is unconditionally loved, and loves back the same way.

Love – the emotion that is most expensive, yet most gratifying. I’m so fortunate to have found love with my husband of 32 years. We’ve shared so many journeys. Some wonderful, and other’s painful. Each journey has offered timeless lessons and layers to our life. My husband has cheered me on, comforted me in sorrow, and taken care of me when I was ill. He has supported my activities and several careers throughout the years. We’ve shared some really tough times, and come through as better individuals and a stronger couple. Yes, we’ve used the “sickness and in health” commitment, and the “for better or worse”, too. If I had it to do over, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Family – can extend to anyone you want to include. Some of my closest family are my friends. When I was a young girl, I was told that if you could count your true friends on one hand you were truly blessed. Well, that’s me. I’m so fortunate to have the most wonderful friends. They have offered such loyalty over the years. No matter what, my friends have been there when I needed them, as I am for them. There is a circle of life and what goes around DOES come around. My sister, although living thousands of miles away, is as close as my cell phone. When we’re together, it’s as if we’ve never been apart. If I need her, or vice versa, we’re there for each other. Our children mean the world to us, and we love the appreciation that goes both ways as they are now adults. Our children have given us angst and pride over the years. More lessons! All in all, we’re blessed. Our 3 kids, their spouses and children are tremendous blessings.

Health – We don’t take this for granted. We’ve both had some pretty serious health issues and as a result, don’t take anything for granted here. Gratitude for getting through these challenges and what we’ve learned as a result is a given.

So, I have a lot to be grateful for, and this is just a small list. Take some quiet time this week, and just contemplate your blessings. When you sit at your Thanksgiving table, grab hands and say a blessing of gratitude. We all have much to be thankful for. What are you grateful for this week?

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Pragmatic Career and Lifestyle expert who helps people navigate their business lives to actually coincide with their true passions because, frankly, life is just too short and too precious to wake up one day and wonder – what have I done with my life?!

Tish owned and operated a staffing and executive placement firm for over 25 years. Tish coached so many people struggling to find their place – make enough money, enjoy their daily work-life, find time for family. And although she was an entrepreneur and outside of the corporate box, Tish found herself being influenced by that mindset through serving it – 110%; which is how Tish serves anything she’s involved with – from boards to business to best buddies.

Now, Tish has joined the Personal Development Industry and instead of placing executives in corporations Tish is helping people develop from leaders to entrepreneurs. The best part of this phase of her life is helping others while working on being her best, actively working on herself on a daily basis.

Tish has been coaching and mentoring all kinds of "kids" for over 15 years. This is her joy and passion and the kids sense it. Tish teaches first impressions, life skills, goal setting and how to navigate the world of business and work.

Tish is vibrant and passionate. She’s constantly evolving with new thoughts, new processes, new ways of communication, all of which benefit “her kids”, while, at the same time, guiding Tish towards both personal and professional development to live her life at an amazing level of gratitude and joy! Tish is a frequent guest speaker at community organizations, local high schools and colleges such as Santa Monica College, USC Marshall and USC Annenberg.

All children are beginning to want control over their own lives. They want to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. They want to hear that it is possible – even in today’s climate. Tish’s kids learn what truly IS possible when they are coachable, committed, want to develop conviction, persistence and a mindset that failure is not an option.!

With that, we make their dreams and vision a reality!