Textured Glass, also known as patterned glass, is mainly used in indoor partition, door, and window glass, bathroom glass partition, etc. The patterns and patterns on the glass are beautiful and exquisite. They look like pressed on the glass surface, and the decorative effect is good.

This kind of glass can block a certain line of sight and has good light transmittance at the same time. In order to avoid dust pollution, pay attention to the side with pattern towards the inside during installation.

Printed glass is a glass process based on the development of printing technology. In the past, glass printing patterns generally used labor-intensive screen screen screen printing process, which it difficult to print colorful patterns on glass or manufacture independent printed glass. With the development of digital printing technology, it is becoming more and more mature. Colorful patterns can be accurately printed on glass. There are advanced digital printing equipment and technology on the market so that any work that can be designed on the computer can be accurately displayed on the glass. The only limitation is the human imagination so that the printed glass can turn an ordinary building into a work of art.

Material properties and characteristics

Printed glass has become a popular choice of fashion elements for architectural interior and exterior decoration designers. From the decoration of architectural appearance to the beautification of indoor space, from the wardrobe door of the bedroom to the partition of the shower room, and then to the splash baffle of the kitchen, its powerful use function, colorful characteristics, and creative patterns that can be used by designers have become one of the favorite materials of designers. The semi-transparent pattern not only makes it feel the penetration of light but also makes the pattern naturally and freely integrate into the environment. It's really a silly and indistinguishable trance. The following describes its excellent performance and characteristics in detail.

1. Unique printing on glass, personalized design, and color scheme can be integrated into each piece of glass.

2. There is no need for plate making, printing, and repeated color registration. The color is beautiful and the effect is realistic. Can be printed on both sides, flexible choice.

3. Design and application of internal and external real photos. You can put real photos or personalized classic design works loved by designers.

4. The diversity and colorful design of large buildings can be freely selected, and the color is its essence.

5. Ultra-strong UV resistance, scratch resistance, and acid-base resistance. The most basic function of the glass must also be powerful!

6. High precision, scratch-resistant, waterproof, UV resistant, environment-friendly and tasteless, long service life.

Product process and classification

UV printing is widely used in the market. It is a printing process of drying and curing ink through ultraviolet light. It needs the ink containing photosensitizer to cooperate with the UV curing lamp. At present, UV ink has covered the fields of offset printing, screen, ink-jet, pad printing, and so on. UV refers to the printing effect process in the traditional printing industry. UV glass printer does not need a spraying layer to print patterns directly on the glass; With an LED curing lamp device, it can dry immediately, eliminating the baking process. No plate making and fast printing. Various output software can be used to support various file formats. Full-color image, one-time completion, progressive color, fully achieve the effect of photo quality, accurate positioning, and the scrap rate is zero.

Printing glass technology:

1. Generally, the size of supporting glass can reach 2.8m x 3.7m, and the thickness range is 2-19mm.

2. UV spray printing supports projects with high requirements for image processing. It is suitable for large-scale projects with diverse designs and rich colors.

3. It can directly print JPEG, PDF, EPS, and other works, and can process variable data. It is an ideal choice for interior and exterior decoration applications.

Printed glass is classified according to the purpose of glass, which is in the classification of decorative glass. With the continuous development of printed glass, and because the printed patterns are generally based on flat glass and different patterns, their perspective can be divided into almost transparent and visible, slightly transparent and visible, almost invisible and completely invisible. Printed glass can also be used as the original sheet of toughened, coated, laminated, and hollow glass. When printing, you can choose single-sided or double-sided printing of glass. The thickness is 3 ~ 5mm. When installing, the pattern faces inward, which can prevent contamination.

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