Sacramento web design companies know everything there is to know about designing websites and all the tools they need to do so. If you are considering hiring a company to help you create a perfect site for your business, it might be a good idea to learn how a website is created. This will help you understand how much work your company is putting in and appreciate their dedication to making your website perfect.

Here are a few terms that all website designers know and you should too!


This term stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Basically, this is the language that your website will use to render the pages of the website. Every command written in HTML will be between <pointed brackets>. If you are curious about what this looks like, go to any website. Right-click to open the menu and click “view page source”. You will see the HTML of the website. Sacramento website design companies use this language to create your website’s user interface.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is another language that is similar to HTML that will be used to customize your website. This is the language you would use to create colors, fonts, and spacing that will show up on your web pages. If you looked at the page source, you would see CSS between {curly brackets}.


JavaScript is a programming language that is used to create interactive web pages. When you click a link on a website, JavaScript code informs the website where you take you. This alongside HTML and CSS are the core elements used to create websites. HTML does the basic structures; CSS makes it look pretty while JavaScript controls behavior.


This stands for Software as a service. This is software that people can use on a subscription basis. Photoshop and Microsoft Office are examples of SaaS that you can use if you pay monthly or yearly to have full access to the program. Netflix is another example of this since you pay monthly to be able to watch their TV shows and movies.  

A/B Testing

This is a process that Sacramento website design companies uses to test the effectiveness of their website. They will test different designs or marketing practices to see which one is more effective in converting website visitors into customers. For example, you can test if a coupon or free shipping will get more people buying your products. Website design companies can test the effectiveness of their pages as well. If people seem to be leaving the website too quickly, they can change things until the time spent is longer.

There are the most basic terms that website designers know so that they can produce the most professional and easy-to-use websites. Knowing these terms can help you understand some of what goes into creating websites.

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