Are you stuck?

Do you feel afraid?

Are you confused what you should do next?

I have been in all of those places so I get it. I know how awful it can feel.

But I also know how I got myself out of those feeling and I can help you get away from wondering why in the world you started this business anyway.

I am going to assume, for the sake of this article, that you have some sort of a list; you have people who like who you are and what you do. And hopefully, this is a targeted group of raving fans.

Now, if you are very new to your business and either have no list at all, or it's really tiny, don't worry. We all start out with no list, or maybe a handful. If this is you please keep reading and you may find something that is doable for you to jump start your business or keep it as a reference for when you are ready.

Keep in mind that many of these ideas can be put together in relatively little time, for some even 24 hours. (I am also making the assumption these ideas are virtual)

1. One to one Coaching. I know that's working 'dollars for hours' and I know that I don't promote this but if it gets you started, then do so.

2. One to one Coaching, also called Private Coaching, where you Package it. Possibly a 3 month or 6 month program. This can be easy to put together when you are just working with 1 person. Know your outline, what you are offering, then start them where they are. And one more thing? Honor yourself and price this well. Do not give away your services!

3. Group Coaching, again Packaging it for a certain amount of time. I.e. 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You may want to create a product then design the program around it. You always want a beginning and an end.

4. High End Platinum Program, where you work more intensively with a group of people all working on the same topic, i.e. weight loss, business building, book writing.

5. Private VIP Days, these are generally 4 - 6 hours. You can totally cater this time to what your client wants. It will be highly effective way to really get someone jump started. They are fun to do and good income for you.

6. Group VIP Days, again, 4-6 hours but with a group. I think the best amount of people is 3 - 10. Over 10 and people don't get enough time. You can offer these at a lesser price point than Private and the interaction between the members can be great fun. Both of these are often referred to a Virtual Retreat Days.

7. Live Coaching Retreat, where a group of like minded people join together for 2 or 3 days. It's a wonderful way for you as the coach to show your expertise, but another wonderful thing is the relationships that can evolve.

8. Coaching Conference, same basic concept as above but on a much bigger scale. This can be anywhere from 50 people to hundreds, usually requiring a stage.

9. Coaching Club, this can be ongoing or time limited. You can charge monthly fees or quarterly. These usually consist of a certain amount of calls per month with you being the lead but having time where the group is all together, getting and offering support.

10. Coaching Gym, this is where you set aside time that you are available for people to call in to speak with you privately. These are generally 15 minutes. You can either have people call on the 15 minutes of the hour or you can have them set up a pre-scheduled time. Great for laser coaching.

I hope you can see how you can easily get going and get yourself clients and earn an income. Do not feel you have to create the entire content first. You don't. All you truly need is a great compelling idea, a list, and a bridge line, a sign up page and an order button.

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