It’s not about the external experience. It is always an “inside job”. It is the feelings we came here to experience. I know that I have spent a lot of time trying to change or improve my life, when all that I really wanted was to Feel better. It seemed at the time that if I could just change the external circumstances, my feelings would change and I would be happy.
I am grateful for my journey of self improvement and treasure every book, class and event. They have all led me to a closer relationship with ME.
I want to share with you what is working in my life right now. It brings me peace and feels more aligned with my truth and I spend less time trying to change the outside world to make me feel better.
These days I am spending a lot of time expressing what I love. It is a sort of affirmation exercise for me. I just look at what I love experiencing. Then I express the truth about it. It can look something like this; “I love the feeling of security I have when I am at the bank withdrawing money to take care of my needs”. It is different than appreciating the money. I certainly do appreciate money, but the real truth is the feeling that is generated. If you think about it, it is never really about the money, it is always about how you are feeling.
Begin to notice that when you use the standard affirmation, your “monkey mind” will almost always come back to bite you. If you are feeling stress because of money and you affirm , “I am abundant now”, watch how the voices in your head will call you a liar. You only need to look at your bank statement to prove what a lie it is. What you really are desiring in the moment is feeling secure and cared for. You just want the stress to go away. Then you look outside of yourself and think that having more money is the answer. It may be the solution to the problem in the short term, but what are you really desiring?
Think back to a time when you had the money you needed. A time when you were not stressed. Go back and remember that feeling. Then when you want to affirm something, tell the absolute truth. Affirm that you love FEELING secure. Keep reminding yourself that there is a feeling you are wanting. “I love feeling secure about money”. Where can the lie be in that? You are not telling yourself you have money when you don’t, you are reminding yourself of the feeling you are wanting.
I know it seems that you are still trying to change things, but play with this for a while and notice that more and more you begin to appreciate what is happening in the moment. You will begin to notice you feel good about something right here and right now.
Start telling yourself the truth in all situations. Keep going for the feeling state. When stressed, just affirm the feeling that you love. Try it for just a while and see what happens.

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Nancy Heimstra is a Certified Comprehensive Life Coach, Speaker and co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Life. She is passionate about fun, joy and being authentic.
Nancy can be reached at for further information.