A middle-aged man walked into a bank, he approached the teller and asked, “Will you cash this check?”

The teller looked at the check and said, “Well sure, I can cash the check, just put your name on the back of it, hand it to me, and I will give you the money.”

The man stumbled back and said, “Whoa, wait a minute! I don't want to put my name on the back of that check and hand it to you. You'll be holding my check with my name on it and you might decide not to give me the money.”

“Well Sir,” said the teller, “How it works is this; you have to put your name on the back of the check before I can give you the money, that's banking policy.”

“I understand that,” the man replied, “But I want you to understand how I feel. It makes me very nervous to think that you'll be holding my check and you might decide not to give me the money.”

“Sir, I will give you the money, but you have to go along with banking policy,” The teller said.

The man argued with the teller. Back and forth they went. Finally the frustrated teller replied, “I'm sorry, I am not going to be able to help you, please leave.”

The man left, feeling angered about his failure to get his money.

He walked to another bank, went through the same routine, aggravating another teller, and again was refused service.

The man traveled to a third bank. Again, he refused to sign his name on the check before receiving his money from the bank.

Again, the man argued with the young teller, until finally the miffed teller reached the end of his rope. He reached under the teller's cage, pulled out a rubber baseball bat, whacked the man on the head and commanded, “Sign the darn check!”

Stunned, the man looked at the teller. The man then picked up the pen, signed the back of the check, and handed it over to the teller. Cordially, the teller handed the man his money.

Money in hand, the man returned to the first bank, walked up to that first teller and he said, “Look! Down the street I got my money.”

“Yeah, but I bet even down the street you had to put your name on the back of that check before you got the money,” the teller replied.

“Well yeah I did,” the man said, “But you see, no one ever quite explained it the way they did.”

The Teller of Life

Factor 1: Are You Harnessing The Law of Specificity?

We can have any life we want, but we must first know what it is we want. The Law of Specificity states; to activate our dreams we must be clear about the life we're designing. It does us no good to write a check to Life that says, “Dear Life, I want a good life. Please give me a happy life.”

Life does not know how to cash that check any more a builder knows how to build a “good house” or a “happy house”.

If you asked a contractor to build you a really happy house, the contractor would look at you and say, “You've got to tell me what you mean by happy house. You've got to describe it. You've got to give me a picture called a blueprint.”

Life is delighted to cash any check you wish. Step one is deciding what you really want, and designing it with crystal clarity; create your blueprint.

This is the law of specificity.

Factor 2: Will You Sign Your Name To It?

When building our dreams, we'll often go to the teller of Life and ask, “Will you please give me what I want?

In essence, Life says,” ok I'll give you your dream, but first put your name on the check.” Put yourself-your whole self-into a vibrational match with what it is you say you want.

You must commit to your dream. Put your name to the dream and the doors of creation will open.

Many of us reply, “Whoa, wait a minute! I don't want to put my name on the dream--I don't want to put my full self in. What if it doesn't work out?”

“I want to know that it's all going to be okay. I want to know where all the pieces are going to come from. I want to know exactly how it's going to happen. I want to have it, and then I'll put my full self in. Then I'll put my name to it.”

Every one of us has been given a sacred name. That name is “I am”.

Our sacred name, the name that we lay on the altar of the Universe, that alter of I AM--whether it's I am limited, or I am free, whether it's I can, or I can't--is shaped in the thinking chamber within us.

Every one of us lives in this divine Presence, Power, and Thinking Substance that shapes itself through our thinking. When we sign our name to the life we want--thus getting in harmony with our dream--we send a magnetic signal to the Universe at which point a strange and magnificent thing begins to happen.

Through the harmonic Laws of Vibration and Attraction; resources, people, and circumstances begin to show up in our life. The law begins fulfilling the dream we've designed. As sure as a teller will give you your money after you've signed the check, the Universe will give you your dream, once you've put your name to it.

The two questions I have for you are…

1. What life do you really want?
2. Are you willing to sign your name to it?

Dream Big Today!
Mary Morrissey

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Speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for over three decades, Mary Morrissey’s transformational talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in the human potential movement. Mary is the president and founder of LifeSOULutions, an international company providing programs and products that transform dreams into reality. Mary has spoken at the United Nations, met with Nelson Mandela, lead meetings with the Dalai Lama, and authored two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams. As a highly sought after inspirational speaker, executive coach, and corporate consultant, Mary has 30 years experience of empowering individuals in achieving new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, and authentic success. MaryMorrissey.com