Companies emphasizing on expanding internationally rely on a range of tactics and methodologies to eliminate the language related issues. Luckily, interpretation is providing the easiest and quickest solution of communication problems by reducing the differences in the language. Interpretation has made it much easier for businesses to connect & communicate with worldwide clients and corporate leaders by interpreting the message into a target language.
In this post, we have got the most useful information about telephone interpreting- the most common type of interpretation to ease international business communication.
What Is Telephone Interpretation?
This is a process of interpreting communication that takes place through telephone, between persons who do not understand and speak one common lingo. The telephone interpreter listens to the dialogues of a speaker in his/her language and convert it into the language understood by another person (receiver) and vice-versa.
Pros Of Telephone Interpretation
By availing the professional interpretation services of over-the-phone interpreting, you can easily communicate with people at the remote areas, despite the language differences. Besides this, there are multiple ways, this form of interpretation can benefit you. Some of them are as follows -
a) Cost
Over-the-phone interpreting is more cost-effective than hiring a linguist for face-to-face interaction for many hours. The reason is, you’ll pay only for the minutes you use for interpreting. It is therefore considered much similar to ‘pay as you go’ services.
b) Convenience
While getting telephone interpretation, you can be rest assured that you have a professional linguist round the clock for communication. It can be available in a minute even at the short notice also. This is why local & central government bodies, police, hospitals, and more sectors are demanding for over-the-phone interpretation.
c) Geographical Limitation Is Not A Problem
It is quite easier to converse with people who are in another geographical location, far away from that of yours, through telephone interpretation.
d) Helpful In Situations Where Confidentiality Matters
Interpreting over the phone is the best solution in the critical situations (legal, police, medical, etc) where maintaining confidentiality is required.
Who Can Benefit With Over-The-Phone Interpretation?
Phone interpretation is more advantageous for small projects and businesses who do not depend much on interpreting. This form of interpretation provides easier and fast access to information in smaller business meetings. Globally operated or multinational companies that deal with international trade find phone interpreting much useful, especially when they are under a strict deadline. They can arrange the conversation with worldwide clients in no time, avoiding the unnecessary delays.
Make telephone interpreting your preferred choice for interpretation if privacy, cost, and time are the main concerns for you. It is most appropriate for smaller-scale businesses and urgent needs.
Last but not least, the quality of interpretation depends on the knowledge and proficiency of a linguist, you’re hiring. There will be 3 members during telephonic interpretation – you, a person you are calling, and the interpreter. So, ask the expert who provides the easiest, convenient, and confidential way to overcome the language barriers while communicating over the phone.

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