• Know about Goal Tracking Contract
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Are you worried that your teen lacks direction and goals? Concerned that they are not working towards anything, so are not working to their potential? Setting up a teen goal tracking contract can be a great way to encourage your teen towards their own personal goals. The teenage years can be very confusing, with a lot of distractions going on in your teens personal life that can distract their from moving towards their long term goals. Implementing a goal tracking contract helps to create structure and clarity during a very confusing time. By articulating their goals, teens are moving closer towards realizing that not only can they achieve their own goals, but they need to – in order to live a happy and successful life.

What Are Goal Tracking Contracts
Goal tracking contracts are documents between teens and their parents that have the teens goals written on them, with a time frame in which the teen wants to achieve them. Goal contracts include other additional information as appropriate, such as the short term steps that will be taken to move closer to this goal, goal tracking, consequences for not achieving this goal, rewards when the goal is complete, as well as both the parent and teens signatures. Goal tracking contracts are binding documents between parent and teen that have the purpose of staying focused on your teens goal and working towards it.

Benefits of Goal Tracking Contracts
Goal tracking contracts encourage your teen to focus and to take small steps towards their goals. Often when goals are ambitious it is easy to feel overwhelmed or simply like you cannot achieve it, but by using a goal tracking control you break achieving the goals into smaller, easier steps which helps to show your teen it is possible to achieve their goals. Goal tracking contracts also keep you and your teen accountable, because they are based around a certain time frame. If you make vague goals with no end point or time frame, then you can just float along slowly making progress, maybe never actually achieving the goal. But because a goal tracking contract has time frames you and your teen will be much more accountable.

How to Create a Goal Tracking Contract
If you want to make a goal tracking contract for your teen, the easiest way is to simply use the goal tracking contract found on HomeContract.Org. You can modify and adjust the contract as necessary for your family, of if you want you can just use it as a loose blueprint to create your own fully personalized goal tracking contract. It will depend a lot on what goals you are planning to achieve with your teen as to how you want to implement your goal tracking contract. Make sure your teen is heavily involved with the designing and crafting of the contract, so that they feel really motivated to work towards their goals!

Have you created a goal tracking contract for your teen – if so, did you find it attractive?

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Jade Robinson has more than 18 years of experience working with Teens and Adolescents. Using his experience, he has developed a system (called Home Contract) that allows parents to easily set up new boundaries and rules with their teens. It is an ideal and effective way to improve a particular habit by implementing a home based behavior contract. More details @ HomeContract.Org