Pliant, a leading B2B credit card solution provider, partnered with Globaldev to expand their development team. By sourcing skilled developers with fintech experience, Globaldev helped Pliant enhance their web and mobile teams, supporting rapid growth and expansion into seven European markets. This strategic collaboration has allowed Pliant to offer advanced products like the Pliant App, Pro API, and CaaS, catering to diverse customer needs. Learn more about how you can boost your fintech capabilities with Globaldev’s expertise

When one of our clients needed to boost their development capacity, they turned to Globaldev for expert team extension services. This collaboration brought in developers with extensive fintech project experience, helping client enhance their product suite, including physical, virtual, and single-use credit cards. The strategic partnership facilitated Pliant’s expansion into multiple European markets, significantly increasing their customer base and market visibility. Explore and revolutionize your fintech solutions with Globaldev’s team extension!

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Team extension for a B2B credit card company