Don’t you just love optimism? It’s a feeling that uplifts you, business colleagues, prospects and customers! In your business, being habitually optimistic sets a wonderful tone for your business activities. When you imagine that a good option exists for your life situations, you also can naturally improve your well-beingness.

Feel Hopeful Deliberately
Sometimes life throws you a curveball. But, as a business owner, seeing life optimistically can set your business apart from competitors. Optimism can also attract to you the most wonderful people. Since business is all about genuine relationships serving your market, optimism can turn you into a customer magnet. How wonderful is that?

Curveballs Can Be Turned into Homeruns
As business owners customers like to develop relationships with those they trust. Everyone is dealing with something that can be challenging. By listening to our customers as though they are out friends (which they are) we partner with them.

Optimistic people are seen by pessimists as crazy. Pessimists focus on problems without believing solutions are available. But actually, we optimists simply choose to believe and focus on new possibilities!

Example of Modeling Optimism To Your Market
If you are temporarily experiencing a situation that feels unpleasant, take a breath. By relaxing your shoulders and neck muscles, and breathing in a relaxed way, you are bringing more oxygen into your brain and body. Oxygen helps bring clarity to think better and adapt to that which is temporarily causing chaos.

Story scenario -
Temporarily, you feel overwhelmed looking at your workload. It seems to be too much to handle. What can improve things? Relax your shoulders and neck muscles and inhale 3 relaxing breaths. State out loud, "Temporarily, I'm feeling overwhelmed. Can I simplify something right now to get moving forward again?" Then, see if you can do that.

Ask for feedback from those you consider as trusted resources. Listen to their viewpoints and find clarity. A solution does exist for every problem. Being optimistic and consulting with someone who can simplify challenging situations FEELS better.

Now, I challenge you to go forth and model optimism to yourself and those around you. May the Optimism Force be with you!

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