In a country where child obesity levels are rising every year due to the fast food industry and the growing lack of discipline the World's children have today, what could be more important than making sure your child isn't one of the statistics? It is never too late to start raising your children to know the importance of using healthy foods in place of their sodas, and cheeseburgers and all the fried and unhealthy foods today's kids crave.

At an age where their bodies are in the most important stages of growth and development, why would a parent not want their child to be taught whats healthy and what's not? Why not show your children what a good cup of herbal tea can feel like as it goes down nice and warm especially during what is left of these cold months. The very same herbs that are good for all adults are also good for all children even babies.

There is nothing to fear, in fact, they may think of you as their savior if in 20 years from now they go in for that dreaded biopsy and it comes back negative. It is a proven fact that some herbs lower the risk of later in life heart attacks, cancer, and even childhood diseases. It is still cold and flu season so you can tell them of the importance of keeping their immune system in tip-top shape and even can make it a family event.

What would it cost you? About $3.00 in most retail stores for one box of 20 herbal tea bags that could positively alter the health of your children and family for life. Besides with everyone "going green" you can be sure that in school your children are talking about techniques on this subject as well as probably noticing changes in the school and their friends, so you might become the best mom or dad in the world with your kids.

It never hurt to dream, but you never know. It is a fact that more and more people today are going towards the green living idea and that means your kids will be learning about this lifestyle soon if not already. So why not get a head start and be the first to teach your children what herbs can do for them, especially in place of all those sugar, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine loaded sodas that does nothing more than lower the bodies ability to absorb healthy nutrients and fight off illnesses.

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