Tattoo quotes have always been in trend and are extremely popular among
youngsters. Although, people have diverse reasons to get inked with Tattoo
quotes or saying.

Getting tattoos are often expressive for a person so why not try to get inked with
an inspirational tattoo quote? In case, you are getting a tattoo for the first time
and want to get some amazing ideas of quotes tattoo then you have reached the
right place.

Nowadays, tattoos are have turned out to be common among both men and
women. Each person has his/her own favorite sayings as well as quotes. Not only
this, but some quotes & sayings are even memorable part of life & special events.

It is often noticed that young people often want to make a statement with a
tattoo, especially with a quote tattoo. There are times when you often want to
express the feelings of your heart in words and this can be done easily through
getting inked with love tattoo quotes.

Below mentioned are some amazing Tattoo quotes ideas in 2021 that you can try
without having a second thought:

Simple quote tattoo design

There are times when tattoos with large imaging work best but remember this is
not the case every time. A simple quote tattoo with little more than text can be a
powerful quote on its own. Short and sweet tattoo quotes often give to the point
messages that also look uncluttered.

Some of the best simple quote design include:

Live by faith, not by sight
You are my sunshine
Love will tear us apart
One for all, and all for one
Don’t dream your life, live your dream

Short tattoo quotes and lettering

Always remember that a powerful inspiring quote doesn’t need to be a long one.
There are times when just a word or a few words are capable of summarizing the
entire outlook of your life & love, recognize a precious one, a deep philosophy and
even reference a funny joke that you want to make a part of yourself for the
complete life.

It is important for you to ensure that both designs, as well as style, work together
in order to have the best short quote tattoo. Depending upon the tattoo
placement and how it is applied, the message of the quote can be altered.

You need to go for massive lettering in order to grab the eye of people, while the
ornate script is a little bit complex and also hard to read.

The best short tattoo quotes include:

Never lose hope
Dream Reality
Love me for who I am
Too wild to live, too rare to die
Have faith

Fun quote tattoo

You might come across quote tattoos that are weighty and serious. Such type of
quote tattoos has a thoughtful and deep meaning for the person who gets them

But remember, not every quote needs to be a logical treatise, a song lyric, or
something which is picked from the literature speaking about the complex
relationship between man & woman or about the nature of the universe.

So, if you want to get inked with something unique then a fun quote is definitely a
perfect idea. Go for fun and silly quotes that perfectly convey a sense of

In case, you have a personality that is weird and funny at the same time then fun

quote tattoos are perfect for you.

Some of the fun quote tattoos are:

We are all vampires
I suppose it will all make sense when we grow up
We are freaks
I will be here forever
I’ll follow you into the dark

Epic quote tattoo

There are some tattoo quotes that are just words on your skin. But when it comes
to epic tattoo quotes, they include graphic elements as well as grand scale in
order to make an amazing design that you might have not imagined.

Such type of tattoos covers a large swathe of your skin and even sometimes
include background designs or accents to ensure that central quote stands out.
Epic quote tattoo is perfect for your back and even for the torso as well as ribs.

Here is some inspiration for epic quote tattoos:
I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once
Take a breath & be strong
Live without regrets
Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly
How can you move forward, if you keep regretting the past?

These are some amazing tattoo quote ideas in 2021 that you can go for without
thinking much. Therefore, you can get yourself inked from Iron Buzz Tattoos who
is a well-known Tattoo Studio in Mumbai and has a great team of tattoo artists.

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