Using your intuition will help you to get what you want from your life this week even though you still cant quite see that happening and this will help you to feel more grounded and secure, particularly in relation to the young people in your life. Battles are going out and these will be replaced by a feeling of serenity and an end to the mind chatter that has been plaguing you as any jealousies that you have been harbouring in relation to the circumstances of others in comparison to yours are brought to an end. You can have what you really want from your life, provided you know what that is and this will bring you happiness as life gets better and better and you begin to experience a feeling of victory. Some emotional fragility may linger for you as you are offered information that may bring about changes for a significant other.


An end is coming to the most recent phase in your life this week and this will see you finally feeling that you are moving in the right direction spiritually speaking and that you are where you are meant to be. A feeling of peace will descend on you as information is offered that will bring about changes in your life however someone close to you may be experiencing difficulties that you will feel compelled to help them with. You can have all that you’ve wished for as a feeling of security descends upon you allowing you to make the necessary changes that will see you walking away from all that no longer serves you. A water sign or more emotional male in your life will help you to get the life that you’ve been dreaming of however this may mean making choices that you may struggle with initially. In the end however you can break down the walls of negative energy with this mans help and although stressful on some levels this will prove to be a successful partnership.


Victory can be yours this week as a man in your life comes to the party financially, allowing you to begin making plans and decisions for your long term future. A new relationship or business partnership is coming into your life though you must be aware that this may cause jealousy in some quarters that will need to be approached with a cool head. You have been feeling alone and isolated on many levels but there are new beginnings coming in for you despite the battles you have faced and it is time for you to face your fears and “do it anyway” even though you may not feel emotionally up to this. Changes are coming in to your life that will have feeling disillusioned at first but these will help you to take control of your direction and despite initially feeling controlled by these changes, they will finally push you in the right direction.


New work opportunities are coming in for you this week and this will see you having to work out what you really want which may have you feeling emotional in the short term. You can have the life that you’ve been seeking and this includes a long awaited pregnancy, birth or creative new beginning that will bring you the happiness that you have long been seeking and victory over your current circumstances. Travel or a trip of some description will strengthen your relationships with those who you are travelling with however you may need to take another look at your financial situation as a result of this as there will be issues there that will need dealing with as information comes to hand that will see you needing to be both grounded and logical in your approach.


Legal matters will take a creative turn this week and this may lead to some family unrest as a job or opportunity of some kind comes to an end forcing you to tighten your belt more than you’d like to be doing. A male in your life who has been struggling to find balance in his own mind and life generally for some years has finally found happiness and may be hostile to any advances from you seeking help or reassurance and this will bring an end to any thoughts you may have around that, causing you to feel controlled on many levels. Around this time the light will also go on in relation to two others in your life in the form of a younger air sign and earth sign and changes around these two will help bring an end to current goings on so that you might have victory over this situation.


You know what you want but feel stuck this week and this is a source of great irritation for you as all your attempts at open communication are unsuccessful, leaving you feeling alone and isolated. An emotional male in your life with whom you have had some connection, be it business or pleasure is restricting things between you in favour of some children in his life as he strives to make long term decisions for their future that will bring them happiness and make things brighter over all. Family issues may cause problems in the short term however this is a connection that is destined to continue and so you’ll find peace over time and a move of house or big changes to the household of one or both of you will see you finding balance both physically and financially. It will be necessary to start looking at your life from a new perspective, even though you may find this stressful at first but you can overcome that feeling of vulnerability by adopting a more balanced way of looking at things and some time away or a journey of some kind will give you the strength that you need to find grounding. Things that are unseen at the present will make way for a new beginning and this will take place on a physical and financial level.


It will be important for you to use your intuition this week if you are to find peace over someone or something that you have had to walk away from and a message from a fire sign or feistier male in your life will see you enjoying an emotional new beginning and the outcome you truly deserve. You cannot make things happen any faster than they are going to naturally however a new level of intimacy or creativity is coming into your life and this will see you taking control over your direction in a way that you haven’t in the past. A new relationship in business or pleasure will cause some jealousy around you that may have you feeling restricted however what initially has you not knowing if you’re coming or going will eventually bring you a new beginning.


Information is coming to you from someone appearing to do one thing whilst they are actually doing something else this week and this will enlighten you to the fact that someone that you have looked at as a child for as long as you have known them is starting to grow up, bringing about the outcome that you have been seeking even if you cant see it yet. Spiritually speaking you are making the right choices in both love and business and changes are coming in for you that will see you leaving behind all that no longer serves you. You fear being hurt but any separation that you’ve been enduring will be fleeting so with that in mind you must hold yourself together even in the face of family issues that might be doing your head in. The light will go on about something that has made you feel vulnerable and a move of house or big changes to your household will see you taking action to make other changes to get what you want, resulting in a new emotional beginning.


Holding your cards close to your chest will bring about victory for you this week and the light is going on about issues that you may have previously felt disillusioned about, particularly in relation to family or very close friends. A relationship that is basically strong may have you feeling vulnerable and stuck, particularly in relation to a move of house or change to your household and to get what you want you will need to move quickly. A water sign or more emotional male in your life is also embarking upon a new beginning which you may find infinitely irritating however you will need to remain grounded if you are ever going to deal with it.


The walls of negative energy will be broken down from around you as you take swift action to bring an end to the things that have been causing you distress. You fear being hurt and this makes you feel emotionally fragile and stressed but a close relationship whether based in romance or friendship will see you spiritually on the right track and any financial or career related issues that you have been having will also be dealt with. You will feel stronger as a new physical or financial opportunity appears for you and though this may initially still be controlled to some extent, you will start to feel yourself moving in the right direction.


Secrets surrounding family matters will be uncovered as a result of a message you receive that will change the way that you look at things and this will see you getting what you really do deserve. The light will go on as to how you might best break through the negativity around you and if you approach these things logically you will reach a new level of intimacy or creativity that will help you with your relationships in the long term. Someone in your life is appearing to do one thing whilst they are actually doing something else and it is important that you take action on this quickly, coming from a logical perspective rather than an emotional one so that this matter can be best put to rest. A balanced perspective will be helpful even if you feel emotionally fragile at the moment and though you feel restricted you need to make decisions on all those things that you’ve been struggling with and putting off so that you can once again find grounding and take a stand.


An end is coming to this current phase in your life and this will see you finding peace over time that you have struggled with in the past. A fire sign or feistier female in your life will pursue issues relating to family and this will see you having to make choices that will see your stubborn side coming out. Spiritually speaking this is what needs to be happening and though you are trying to keep things the same, there are financial and career related issues that will need to be dealt with if you are to get the life you’ve been seeking. You will need to find strength if you are to bring these issues to an end and life will get better both physically and financially so that you can have your new beginning.

Author's Bio: 

Since receiving the push from Spirit to use my gifts, I have built on the little conscious knowledge I already had, with reading, research and conversation with those of like mind and have linked with people all over my own country and the world, both personally and via the world wide web to share information and viewpoints and build friendships, all the while exercising and building upon my own intuition and spiritual connection. My consciousness has been opened significantly since those early days and many memories have surfaced so that I constantly find myself expanding on what I have always known rather than searching for my niche.

I am blessed with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, which I use in Channelling, Mediumship and reading work. I read the Tarot Spiritually, using the entire pack so that a large amount of information is brought forth from each reading in order to guide and nurture the individual to whom the reading is given. I believe in being direct when reading, as I am in life. I am qualified to the Highest Level in 7 modalities of Reiki, having been bestowed the honour of being the First Grandmaster in Australia for two of these. I also work extensively with crystals, combining Crystal healing and Reiki for some truly amazing results.