Time spent laughing is time spent with Gods, goes the famous Japanese proverb.

Food is fuel for life, for our everyday activities. But somehow, we invariably fail to eat well. Each person has a distinct excuse, some live away from home, some don't know how to cook and some simply don't find the time.

In essence, the food and hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent decades. You could find a host of choices at your disposal, irrespective of the part of the world you live in, and this augurs well for any food lover.

But eating outside, it's a choice that comes with its own perils. Eating outside, if every day, can be unhealthy, one has to be really cautious. And at the end of the month, one invariably ends up finding out that eating outside is heavy on one's pocket.

Eating at home has always been seen as a smart choice, and when one is away from home, one is just about sure to miss home cooked food. One is reminded of the kind of food the family used to cook at home, and an element of difference is sure to be to be there.

While one stays away from home, one might find cooking for oneself to be a tedious task, something that fails to draw interest. And if one isn't a nice cook, cooking food for one, to suit one's taste; it's challenging.

So learning to cook comes handy for a host of people, students living away from home, bachelors stationed outside for work, maybe even newlyweds, who are not used to cooking for themselves. Getting a comprehensive guide for cooking, that teaches you about cooking from the very basics are often difficult to find. And one might feel that he/she does not have too much time to spare to learn cooking.

Tarla Dalal Kitchen Library is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to learn to cook, or even brush up his skills at the art. Some of the unique features of the collection are descriptions for 875 recipes, which come in fifteen cookbooks, nicely demonstrated and in an amazing variety. You have selections for breakfast recipes, mithais, snacks for diabetics, recipes for pregnant women, wholesome meals in Guajarati, Punjabi and South Indian cuisines, meals that can be cooked in under ten minutes, Indian dishes to make using a microwave oven... the list goes on.

While these are nicely explained and demonstrated, the collection also comes with three DVDs that have step-by-step demonstrations of 180 recipes.

Cooking for oneself, being a better cook, or an excellent cook, it's all very achievable. Be the cook you always wanted to be and cook food that is not just pleasing to the platter for your family, but very nutritious and healthful as well.

If you are planning out a nice little party or get together at home, there is no need to go for catering services now. Some nice and handy recipes would let pick out the perfect selection for dishes that you would want to cook. Serve the kind of food that is sure to be the essence and bring the party alive.

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