A taper hair refers to the kind of hair whose length changes with time while fade refers to hair that is just fading as it reaches the skin. To achieve both fade and tapers, you may choose to use clippers or shears with guards set to the desired length. The haircut come in a number of design that gives all men a chance to choose a style that is not just appealing but universally accepted. The styles allow them to keep the back and the sides tidy while looking trendy. They are cool but professionally designed to blend for moderately long, medium and short haircuts.

Knowing the difference between the two types of hairstyles is important since it can help you know what to tell a barber to avoid confusion and poor outcome. Mastering the terminologies will help you to precisely tell your barber what you want. For instance the when you request for a fade cut, you will be asking for a cut that ends high on the back and the side When you request a comb-over fade, you will be requesting your barber give you a cut consisting of longer hair on the top and a fade at the back and on the side. This style is popular with older men experiencing thinning of hair and who prefer combing it over.

Notice that both taper and fade shaves are gaining popularity faster because they are both easy to manage and are versatile. The two type of cuts feature cropped tops with shorter backs and sides which make them guarantee a clean and professional shave. They are all stylish and ideal for both office and nightlife.

But that is as far as the similarities are concerned. The two styles differ greatly. The taper style remains loose at the top but tighter getting closer to the skin at the sides and back. Typically, the length of its hair graduates from top to the sides. It does so symmetrically while leaving a visible natural hairline at the end. In the normal circumstances, taper hair will be two-four inches at the top while it gets shorter at the sides depending on the grade chosen. You are free to choose to start with grade three to two and then one at the end. It is very popular with men because it allows them to style their hair in a manner that is comfortable and easy to manage.

On the other hand, the fade style is classic and historical. It is common in the military and is suitable for men looking for a fashionable style that is easy to maintain. Just as it is in taper, the hair graduate from the top towards the hairline but the fade begins early on the head and finishes above the wearers hairline. In fact, it is this finish that makes the hair blend with the skin. Notice that in the case of fade style, the hair at the top will be shorter than in taper. The fade style hair is always less than two inches.

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