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This ebook is for people who have read about and know about Law of Attraction (LOA) but face difficulty in bringing the positive effects of LOA in their life. Also this book could prove to be enlightening for people who don’t know about Law of Attraction (LOA) and its role in our lives. Quite a lot has been written about the law of attraction (LOA) and thoughts mastery, and using the same for attracting happiness, wealth, money, riches, fame, good health and anything we could ever wish for. Throughout this ebook I will be referring to Law of Attraction as LOA. This ebook explains LOA in a nutshell and the 5 missing links that can help LOA work positively for us, however the discussion in this ebook applies to not only LOA but also to various other related subject areas including attracting abundance, thought mastery, positive thinking, mind mastery, power of subconscious, etc.

I have been reading and studying these topics since quite a few years, and over these years I have come across some really great authors and their genuine work, though not all authors I came across were so good enough. I am an avid reader of these topics and while reading, I have been through several ups and downs wherein I have felt right on track and on correct path at certain times whereas helpless and lost the other times. I did mention a while ago that I came across bad authors as well as good ones, however not a single author I think has simplified this topic and provided the reader with simple, practical and limited no. of step/s or action/s that can help the reader and NOT leave the reader confused. Many authors including even the good ones have left the reader confused and not only that but there suggestive actions steps I have found to be weird that a common, sensible person would find uncomfortable with, for e.g. to achieve your goal simply every morning say out loud your goal looking into the mirror, pasting post-its about your goal everywhere, etc. The fact is that whatever we need to achieve success is there already inside us, we just need to be aware of that.

In my ebook I have tried best to be as crystal clear and as simple as possible. My ebook provides you five missing links, so there are just 5 actions steps. And believe me these actions step are perfectly down to earth and simple and there is nothing weird that you need to do. Furthermore any action step you need to perform only if that related link is missing, and mainly there is actually only a single action step that you need to perform throughout. This action step is mentioned in chapters 2 and 5, however to thoroughly understand the message in this book I would recommend and request to read the entire book starting at the beginning to the end.

Over the time I have developed a good understanding about LOA by digging through, and, finding and restricting myself to only high quality, original and genuine reading material on LOA, and today, I feel I would be more than happy if I could write something on this topic that could help burst any myths or misconceptions around it and bring crystal clarity on LOA. In the below text that follows I have tried to be as honest as I could using what I have read and studied over the years, adding my personal experiences as well.

So sit down, relax, take a comfortable position and start an exciting journey with this ebook with an open mind, because what you are about to read could transform your life.


So what is law of attraction (LOA)? Does it really exist?

Well, the Good News is that, Yes !! LOA is real. However it’s NOT some mysterious, complex puzzle that we need to solve and once we solve it we get a key to abundance, wealth and riches and anything we want, NO. LOA is as natural as gravitational law or any other natural law. There is precise science and mathematical precision in LOA. But it’s definitely not a magic. We make mistake by taking a magic or a magic pill approach to LOA. In fact LOA calls for the utmost of humans ability in terms of commitment, perseverance, dedication and it’s no one time quick fix thing but it’s ongoing. But it’s not that difficult as it sounds. It becomes difficult due to misconceptions and myths around it and it becomes easy and natural once you truly understand LOA. I have discovered 5 missing links to actually accomplishing LOA and its benefits. Below I have poured everything I could honestly and modestly using what I have read and studied over the years into explaining these missing links. Kindly note that I am not a techie Psychiatrist or self help expert. I am just a common man who is a reader and below I have put in sincere efforts to explain the missing links through the knowledge I have absorbed and my own experiences.

So, what exactly is LOA?

LOA is a natural state wherein like energies attract each other. In scientific terms this whole universe is filled with energies. Everything in this world including us, our bodies and all other things are made up of energy and can be broken down into the 5 elements of this world – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and the fifth element is ether or void which is all the empty space in between all the things in this world, in this universe. This empty space is not actually empty, it is filled with ether which is a material that has made wireless/mobile and satellite communication possible. This is the Universal Energy, Universal Power, Universal Mind which is none other than the Supreme GOD. That’s why our ancestors have passed on this thought to us that ‘GOD is everywhere’. Each of the 4 elements emits energies and vibrations that travel through the ether or void. These vibrations cause either attraction or repulsion of energies. This balanced attraction and repulsion of energies is responsible for all the activities going on in this universe, in this world and in our lives, or you can say responsible for the ‘going on’ or continuity of this whole universe.

In context with us humans, we humans are made up of five elements and are constantly in a state of thinking thoughts. This process of thinking thoughts generates emotions which in turn emit energies. For e.g. if we think thoughts full of happiness, excitement, joy, adventure, love, etc we emit positive energies, whereas if we think thoughts full of fear, sorrow, anger, frustration, etc we emit negative energies. This creates positive or negative vibrations around us that attract positive thing with positive vibration or negative things with negative vibrations. If we emit positive vibrations we attract positive things in our life, whereas if we emit negative vibrations we attract negative things in our life. So this is LOA in a nutshell.

The five missing links are mentioned in my ebook - 5 Missing Links to positive effects of LOA:

Chapter 1: Missing Link 1: Don’t take a magic pill approach to LOA:

It is of utmost importance that we understand that LOA is not a magic pill or a onetime quick fix. It requires time, energy and efforts from our side to learn and grow. This process may get faster depending on our enthusiasm to learn.

There are certain requirements of LOA. In fact these 5 links are actually the 5 requirements of LOA. We need to be all time INLINE with these requirements, i.e. we need to satisfy these requirements all the time. If we go OFFLINE with these requirements, LOA and its positive effects turn away from us. So the missing link 1 is to know that LOA is not a magic pill, or a quick fix and its take time and efforts to stay INLINE with the requirements of LOA.

I have also been a learner of LOA. There have been times when LOA worked positively for me and when LOA worked negatively for me and I used to get intrigued by it. Later I caught the trick that whenever I was INLINE with the LOA requirements it worked for me and when I got OFFLINE I got negative effects of LOA.

LOA is actually all time operational in everyone’s life. The fact is that we knowingly or unknowingly we make it work positively or negatively for us. This is clear from the fact that we at times are happy, satisfied about something in life whereas unhappy about something the other times. We get happy when something works out or is working out good for us. This is when LOA works positively for us. This is when knowingly or unknowingly we become INLINE with the LOA requirements. If we could consistently stay INLINE we will be profoundly happy in life.

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