Would you like to feel more love in your life?

Divine love is not a limited, restricted love but an all encompassing pure and radiant expression of creation.
Divine love is the only way to lead a life filled with hope, peace, compassion and love.

Life is all about experiencing who we are, it is not about learning countless lessons, or being punished for past life mistakes. It is an adventure of momentous proportions but we limit ourselves by our fragile understanding and feelings. We live our lives based on our beliefs and allow ourselves to be guided by our conviction that was built on others opinions of us and the world around us.

So we become lost and unsure and attach ourselves to objects, people, and ideas, in our search to find happiness and peace.

But what if it was easier than this and there was a way to find true and powerful love that brought you this peace, happiness and joy? What if there was a map, a guidebook that could show you the way?

What if instead of being carried along without direction, without focus, without purpose you find the tutorial that will show you how to make the connection to Divine love in your life?

Are you looking for a way to find out who you are and reunite with the Divine?

There are 5 pathways that will enable you to find Divine love within.

Below is an explanation from the Seraphim Angels on the 5 pathways.

Faith gives you the power to act, power to think, power to be.

Faith is strength, strength of love. True unswerving faith can withstand any turmoil, any pressure, and any obstacle in your life.

When you have trust in your life you live in peace, tranquillity, hope and courage. Then you can believe in your goals and dreams even if they appear to move further from you, you will have established faith and trust in your life.

When you can let go of what is holding you back from your happiness you can open up to faith, belief and trust. With these 3 powerful allies in your life you begin to see with clarity and you are no longer imprisoned by your limiting beliefs.

When you see from compassion you allow forgiveness for yourself, which creates peace in your life. For when you find forgiveness for yourself no other forgiveness is needed.

When you allow the powerful force of gratitude to work in your life you are able to see from a new perspective and it opens up new horizons and opportunities.

Passion for your life creates commitment, desire and focus. With clear intentions and determination you create a path of freedom.

All the steps above lead you to open up love for yourself and others. When you can find love you are then open to the higher possibilities of Divine love. Love causes positive, gentle change in all areas of your life. You are able to begin to live with clear purpose, focus and direction.

So how do you step onto this pathway?

In future articles the Teachings of Seraphim Angels will explain in much more detail the Divine qualities of the 5 Pathways.

Author's Bio: 

I am a writer and I translate the teachings of the Seraphim angels

I have learnt that it is not the hardships and struggles that define who you are, but how you expand because of them.

In November 2009 I was ordained as an interfaith Angel Minister in the Order of the Seraphim. I offer the guidance and loving support from the Seraphim in the form of teachings, and meditations.

These messages are not ‘channelled’ but create a new and exciting partnership, a collaboration from the heart and mind of the Divine and the Seraphim.

These conversations are transmitted through the energy of Divine love.

These words are translated into books, meditations, blessings and audios, releasing the energy so you can awaken to who you are with ease, and become one with the Divine.

If you would like more information on how to connect with Divine love please visit listenbeloved.com to receive a free EBook of teachings from the Seraphim angels