This Type A biz mom has fully embraced the concept of regular recreation and downtime to fuel excellence in my business. I need no convincing that the quality time—away from work and with my family and friends— charge my creative juices for optimal business results.
So finally,
the kids are down,
the house is picked up,
I’ve taken a hot bath,
the lights are dimmed,
hubby’s on the couch,
I’ve got my blanket and hot tea,
and we are ready to mentally escape to a movie.
With discouragement as we scroll through Netflix we’re bombarded with girl-and-a-gun films or flicks glamourizing the gay or casual sex lifestyle. We’ve tied to give movies hinting promise of quality a chance. But when we got it wrong, it feels like putting brown sludge in our veins. Many times mid-film we admitted defeat, conceded the film was a loser, and agreed to turn it off mid-stream to head to bed.
With the film “When Calls the Heart: Lost and Found,” you won’t need to hit the hay early.
And you won’t have to shield “adult content” in the film from your kids.
While the movie might move a little slow for kids, some might like it if they haven’t already been used to watching to fast-paced, low-developing entertainment. You can have this series on in the family room without embarrassment of compromising scenes.
The backdrop of the story is a 19th century coal town. “When Calls the Heart” is a story of hope, character, and romance. A teacher, daughter of a wealthy and renowned East Coast businessman, walks away from high society to head west to teach in a small community. She fully invests in her new home, even as she learned that almost all of her students were fatherless due to a mining accident, and the mothers were in a fight for their life to keep their community and families strong amidst calamity.
Woven into the story was a young, attractive, and a bit arrogant Constable assigned in a quasi-sheriff role in the community. Sparks, tensions, connecting, and ultimate appreciation fly between the two characters for a delightful and satisfying insight into the old fashioned process of courtship where people’s characters were valued and evaluated in earnest.
You, too, I’m guessing will be refreshed like I was to see the slow, steady, character development and glimpses of healthy, pure romance, rather than the traditional cart before the horse approached that is highlighted as the norm in popular movies.
The Catholic Mompreneur’s Guide to Biz and Life Tips: Spend 15 minutes a week finding and obtaining the right kinds of entertainment and recommended TV series to watch for you and your family, so you can feel recharged, stimulated, and inspired, like I did after watching “When Calls the Heart”.

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