To learn the Law of Analogy and Correspondences in learning how to interpret symbols, images, numbers, geometric shapes, colors, sigma’s, etc., we literally retrain our mind to a whole new level of comprehending a reality that exists in a unified, ecological state. Interpreting symbols and images works by connecting or opening the pathway to higher consciousness. The Higher Self is accessed and communicates via the subconscious mind by taking ideas as feelings, and translating them into living images and infusing them with an emotional quality, that the conscious mind interprets through words, language and corresponding thought processes. By learning the language of the Soul, the Superconscious mind, we can realize deeper knowledge that exists at subtle levels, the level of composure and orchestration, which is the energetic, spiritual realm of deeper, fuller and more expansive inclusive meaning that is directly underlying and governing physical reality.

Images – through symbolic significance – stimulates an entirely different type of thought process. It activates the imagination which forms a chain-of-association and a whole idea of great depth unfolds as the inherent knowledge contained within the image. A single image or picture can contain the knowledge of several books, if you know how to interpret the information and realize that every single aspect of the image has meaning and is included in it for a reason.

Universal language develops us at multiple levels simultaneously. It stimulates the imagination by speaking the language of the subconscious, provoking memory as the internal creation of reality of the knowledge as experience. We create an internal living scenario or perception of the knowledge through a chain-of-association that allows a kind of synchronistic unfolding as a means of deeper perception, comprehension and understanding it in practical and applicable terms.

This is creativity in its organic and most natural state. It teaches us how to think using our imagination which is the transformation device that readily turns pictures into words, producing a spontaneous emotional response to the pictures which imbue them with meaning and life-force, turning them into feelings. The feelings become the holistic pattern as a correspondence to memory that forms new memory, which is fixed, stored and available to be referenced for future interpretations.

Symbolic language creates an experience of the idea, which allows us to apprehend it through the living reality of it. Like our true creative ability, by first creating an internal experience and understanding of it, we can use it as a filter to see the same idea operating outside of us, in our environment. To understand the spiritual reality comes by way of analogy that forms correspondences to physical reality, allowing us to walk between worlds of cause and effect as reason. Everything exists for a reason. It serves a purpose or fulfills a need. It’s an effect of a cause that in turn, becomes the cause that produces a corresponding effect that sets a chain-reaction in motion.

So by learning the Universal language of symbolism, which engages and requires our whole mind to interpret, trains our mind to see life in unity as an integral, synthesized and interdependent reality. It teaches us how to see everything as connected to and playing off of everything else. It is to perceive at the level of pure consciousness that organizes, governs and composes physical reality that resides on the surface. Just like a vast body of water, the depths unseen by the naked eye, yet known through our knowledge of the natural sciences as a key or reference to the ecological environment that it exists naturally within which is what allows us to anticipate and predict what lies beneath the surface as organic and natural within the environment.

Linda Gadbois, DES, CCHt.
Spiritual Scientist, Teacher and Mentor of Integrated Mind/Body Development

Author's Bio: 

Doctor of Spiritual Sciences
BA Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP
Energy Medicine