Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman, one of the heroes of the mythological epic Ramayana is indeed a greatly celebrated deity in India. He is known by 108 names, one of these is Kapeshwara which means the monkey lord.

Nevertheless, Lord Hanuman is associated with deep spiritual symbolism, which is enlightening and shows us the right path to move ahead in life. He signifies devotion, complete surrender to the Supreme Being and a lower human self which is still dispossessed of ego.

Bajrang Bali is a warrior, his story tells us that when the animal nature in man is refined, it is transformed and then serves the pious and divine cause of total surrender to the supreme power.

Alternately, Lord Hanuman is a representative of the subtle bodies in our life, which are the breath body, mental body and intelligence body. Lord Anjaneya led a celibate life and performed austerities. He is ethically clean and when a person leads such a life, it facilitates movement of prana, or the life energy in our bodies. These concepts are the basics of the breath body, and Lord Hanuman is thus a representative of the breath body.

In the same way Bajrang Bali also represents the mental body. In essence, the mental body comprises of the thoughts that are always a part of our consciousness, also known as the chitta. It is these thoughts account for our imagination and even dream experiences.

Similarly one's buddhi is the discretionary wisdom; it is reflective of one's divine intelligence. This in turn is shapes our decision making, rational thought process and even conscience.

Vayuputra is the epitome of virtues and represents all these qualities. And that makes him an ideal representation of our mental body.

Similarly, it is also our intelligence body that Bajrang Bali represents. Just like a monkey, the human mind is fickle; it is constantly involved in innumerable activities which are unproductive. Vayuputra was granted the ability to fly long distances, and with the speed of thoughts, the mind too can fly where ever it intends. It can cross continents and move across the world in an instant. But when the mind surrenders to the inner self, it becomes devoted and attains a union with the supreme power. It then becomes capable of doing tremendous feats, and dedicates itself for a divine cause. When the mind overcomes evil thoughts through grit and determination, it lays the foundation to create Ramarajya, or the kingdom of God in the body.

As Vayuputra, Lord Hanuman represents the breath body. It is through Lord Hanuman that the lower self (Sita), which is lost in ignorance is reunited with the inner soul (Ram), which is its true companion. In his ferocious form, Bajrang Bali is known as Veeranjaneya, and as Veeranjaneya, Panchmukhi Hanuman bestows courage and confidence to the timid hearted.

And as Bajrang Bali, Lord Hanuman, the tremendous divine deity is the epitome of both, devotion and might. He is the immortal man, often represented as the flying human. Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman represents the animal form which is a part of our lives, but through devotion to God, the same purifies itself and finds the path to immortality.


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