Surround Yourself With Successful People
Seth works at a camera shop. Seth isn't a photographer. Seth actually majored in graphic design. He had difficulty finding work as a freelance designer, and couldn't find any work in the corporate world either. So he took jobs in retail and eventually ended up at the camera shop. Seth's tired script is about how a graphic design degree, or any art degree, is basically worthless. He goes around telling everyone how there is no money to be made in graphic design and art. Seth constantly talks about how his camera shop job isn't his ideal job.

I stopped hanging around Seth. I don't like hanging around people who only talk about their failures, and want to suck everyone else into their misery. I don't like to hang around people who only talk about what they don't have in life rather than appreciating what they have. I'd rather hang around people who enjoy their work, rather than complain about it. I have more to learn from people who are doing well in their business than people who have given up on their dreams. I find that people who feel they are failures tend to be emotionally draining, whereas successful people tend to inspire me to be successful as well.

Given that time is finite, I'd rather hang around successful people than people like Seth.

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