Sexual Functioning is often considered as one of the critical factors which define our everyday well being and happiness. However, as per surveys conducted in US and Europe, FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder) happens to be more prevalent than one would otherwise presume.

o Some of the leading factors which account for sexual dysfunctions amongst women include having a baby or post menopausal issues.

o Alternately, health disorders such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart issues or bladder infections could lead to such problems.

o Blood pressure medications or antihistamines could influence one's ability to have an orgasm.

o Post menopause, as a result of lower estrogen levels, one might suffer from changes in genital tissues or sexual responsiveness as the vaginal lining becomes thinner or less elastic.

o Even factors like issues relating to body image could lead to sexual dysfunctions.

Men's sexual dysfunctions too have a knack of going on a high as men age. Some factors which are the underlying cause of such problems for men in many cases are

o Low testosterone levels

o Prescription drugs such as antidepressants

o High BP or hardening of arteries

o Smoking

o Alcohol or drug abuse

Alternately, Sexual Dysfunctions might occur as an outcome of

o Performance related concerns

o Relationship issues

o Depression

o Work related stress

In particular, stress, depression and poor communication with the partner are some of the basic underlying causes of Premature Ejaculation, while past surgeries or relationship issues could lead to inhibited ejaculation.

In the same way, unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, nerve disorders or relationship conflicts could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for sexual dysfunction vary from behavioral therapy, dietary supplements and medication. These often depend on an individual's symptoms, and may involve working upon these symptoms.

Treatments for the matter are possible for both, men and women, and behavioral therapy, dietary supplements and medications are just some of the ways in which sexual dysfunctions could be worked upon.

Going for Herbal supplements is one of the best ways to get over these dysfunctions, because an herbal supplement is likely to be free from side effects. And even if they do cause any side effects, those are likely to be very mild.

Herbal supplements are a gift of nature, and while these could allow one to effectively get over sexual dysfunctions, these would also make sure that one's overall health is improved to a great extent.

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