You might be surprised to realize that the body undergoes a series of reaction whenever one chooses to go for a detoxification process, and the effects are more prominent in the initial days as one chooses to make a start.

This is because when one goes for a detox cleanse, the build of toxins are released all at once. And this gives rise to a host of unpleasant symptoms, some of which might include fatigue, body aches, low energy and bloating.

So this makes up for a miserable experience!

The underlying reason is the sudden state of shock that the body is required to put up with, and the body would protest! Some withdrawal symptoms are involved, but it is more or less pleasant!

Let's run through what detox symptoms really mean and how does one clear them up.

It's really important to understand the symptoms and their underlying mechanisms as well, such that one can figure out a remedy for the same and not suffer unless one has to.

1. Skin Breakouts:

Acne need not necessarily be linked to diet, but while undergoing a detox cleanse, people sometimes suffer from acne. In particular if one changes his diet suddenly.

So the best way of dealing with it is watching your fat intake.

In fact the more one eats the more susceptible to acne one becomes. As one over consumes fats from nuts, seeds or even supplements such as cacao, it causes the skin to break out.

So a low fruit vegan diet could be the solution.

2. Extreme Cravings:

People very often report that they feel extreme cravings, but in fact, these are not necessarily directly related to detoxification.

If you are craving for sweets or fatty foods, it really does not mean that you are not getting sufficient calories. Just increasing your fruit intake might work very well towards satisfying your sweet tooth.

Now if you eliminate salt from your diet, you might end up craving for salty foods. So instead of eliminating salt altogether, you may choose to use some high quality sea salt such that your body gets sodium in moderation.

3. Fatigue & Low Energy:

One is likely to feel the fatigue or suffer from low energy levels if one consumes fewer than 1500 calories per day, and that's because the nutrition would be insufficient. In the same way, if one reduces one's calorie intake to 1200 calories, it would show upon your metabolism and lead to severe energy shifts.

When one is on a strict diet, it is very easy to under eat, and when on a juice fast, one is definitely under eating.

Fruits and vegetables are bulky, and you may feel you are eating a lot of food, when in reality, you aren't getting sufficient calories. You may choose to resolve the matter by keeping a count of the number of calories you consume per day.

4. Headaches/ Body Aches:

Headaches and body aches are rare symptoms and may not have anything to do with a sudden change in diet or lifestyle. But if one is into some heavy duty exercise, one might have to face these symptoms.

If you do feel temporary aches and pains in first few days of changing the diet you have, it is more likely than not to be psychological in nature. It really so happens that when you go on a detox diet, you should try and be hyper aware of your body. You'd be more vulnerable during the detox cleanse, so you might end up feeling a body ache which you would otherwise overlook with ease.

Or it might be that as you body works towards coping up with the change, the disturbance might radiate outwards leading to a body ache.

If symptoms persist for around a week, it might indicate that a change is called for, or you may even be required to get in touch with your doctor.

Lifestyle disorders take a toll on our health and over time, effects of aging become more prominent. These lifestyle disorders, such as irregular sleeping patterns, long travelling hours and faulty eating habits work towards magnifying the toxicity levels in the body.

Some of the related problems people come across include fatigue, recurring body aches and even obesity.

But by going for detoxification, we come to realize that the body and mind work in unison to ensure that we find more energy in our everyday life!

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