In order to acquire characteristic features of Westerners, but without interfering in the natural beauty of ethnic features, many Orientals or descendants of Asian immigrants’ resort to plastic surgery to make small corrections such as เปิดหางตา surgery, the so-called Westernization plastics.

Westerners naturally have a small crease in the tarsus, the cartilage located on the eyelids. Easterners do not have this fold and due to the accumulation of fat in the ocular region, it becomes more prominent. The surgery makes a small incision in the muscle that elevates the eyelid, making the fold with precision and, therefore, creating the western eyelid, in addition to removing some of the fat.

It is worth noting that oriental skin is more prone to keloid formation. In addition, it is important to always preserve the remarkable racial identity of Eastern origin, seeking a more natural and no less attractive effect. The tendency is to make small changes that lead to harmony of the face.

More than 50% of Orientals do not have a visible crease in the upper eyelid because the eyelid levator muscle is inserted differently in the skin of the Eastern population, when compared to Caucasians. As a result, the Asian look looks smoother and more solid. It is the female population that most performs the surgery, both in USA and in Asia, with the intention of changing the shape of the eyes.

The operation is relatively simple and quick. It consists of removing part of the fat existing in the upper eyelids and, in most cases, also a thin strip of muscle tissue to eliminate the swollen aspect, typical of oriental faces. Then, a "fold" is made over the eyes.

But the surgery should not be performed before the age of 16. It is that many young descendants of Japanese, Korean or Chinese immigrants, ask their parents for a birthday gift for the extra fold of skin on their eyelids, through plastic surgery. They feed the desire to "westernize" the eyes, eliminating the smooth eyelid.

The biggest problem with this surgery is the removal of excess tissue, causing the eyes to remain constantly open. To avoid this serious eye problem, surgeons must exercise great caution and enormous precision, aiming for the best result.

For many Orientals, Westernization is necessary for personal or professional reasons. More and more people need to look good in order to achieve more success and acceptance in the work they do, like people who work on television and need to enhance their eyes.

Modifying the features may seem like a way to deny the origins, but the question cannot be assessed from this angle. The human being needs to feel more integrated in Contemporary Society.

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