Lord Hanuman is a symbol of infinite strength, wisdom and celibacy. He is worshipped in temples throughout the country and is very often seen with a mace, or in a devotional posture, bowing before Lord Ram.

Bajrang Bali is the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. In India, Lord Hanuman is the most celebrated deity and is worshipped as a pillar of indomitable strength.

While all devotees worship and adore the Chiranjeevi Lord Hanuman, he is also the preferred deity of wrestlers and grapplers. On Tuesdays, innumerable devotees flock his temples for strength and prosperity.

Bajrang Bali, with his strength and might is believed to provide protection to a devotee from all evils in life.

Tales of Lord Hanuman's strength, bravery and feats can be found in abundance in the grand epic of Ramayana, and also in religious texts of Mahabharata and Agni Purana. While tales of Lord Hanuman are found in the divine texts which have been worshipped since centuries, he is prayed to as a deity who can help devotees overcome all problems found in the Kali Age.

Moreover, since he is possessed with strength which cannot be measured, he is said to have Atulita Baladanam, which means immeasurable strength.

He has been described with the ability to expand to be as large as a mountain, or contract to be as small as a fly.

In essence, the scriptures describe Lord Hanuman to be vast as a mountain and tall as a mammoth tower. His complexion, yellow, glows like molten gold. His face is brighter than the brightest ruby, and the tail stretches out to an indeterminate length. Standing on a distant rock, he roars like thunder. He flies among the clouds after jumping into the air, as the splashing ocean waves holler below.

The Ramayana further states that the chief of monkeys is a perfect being. There is no one, who can match him in learning of Shastras, or in comprehending and understanding the meaning of scriptures.

When Bajrang Bali was in Lanka to find the whereabouts of Seeta Mata, he crossed the ocean in a single leap. He succeeded in conveying the message of Lord Ram to Seeta Mata, and a ring that Lord Ram had given him helped him convince her that he is indeed the messenger of Lord Ram. However on his way back to give the news of Seeta Mata to Lord Ram, guards of the demon king Ravana captured him. Tied up in the strongest of ropes, they took him to Ravana's court and set his tail on fire. It was then that Hanuman ji broke all ropes that bound him, and with his tail that hovered below, wrecked havoc in Lanka.

On his return to Ayodhya after the war against Ravana, Prabhu Sri Ram granted that Lord Hanuman will be immortal, and whenever anyone recalls Sri Ram, he shall recall Hanuman as well. Hanuman ji is thus chiranjeevi, which means immortal, and whenever a devotee chants 'Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram', he shall find the grace of Hanuman ji to overcome all problems that he may be facing in life.

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