Ignite the Genius Within is the first book of its type I have ever read. Ignite the Genius Within comes with an accompanying soundtrack designed to work with the book, help shutdown internal "chatter" and free your mind to focus on the images provided in the book. The soundtrack helps stimulate creativity, free thought and, at least in my case, free association. I assume it works the same way for others, as that is what the book and accompanying soundtrack is designed for.

As I looked at the images, I was able to do some free-association work around the events which occurred at different times in my life. I found the process to be cathartic. There were a two or three times when an image triggered a memory through the free association process when I wasn't expecting it. Overall I found it to be extremely helpful and actually plan on periodically revisiting the images I had these experiences with to see what other healing work I can do around them.

By far the biggest benefits in working with Ignite the Genius Within were greater creativity and focus. I found several of the images triggered spontaneous short stories, poems and even one idea and the early work for a longer work of fiction. Also, while this isn't specifically mentioned in the benefits of the soundtracks and book, I personally experienced lowered stress and increased focus after working with the soundtrack and book. I now use the soundtrack whenever I have to write - including this review - to shut down my "inner critic" and to allow the thoughts to flow easily and naturally onto the paper.

I definitely recommend Ignite the Genius Within to anyone who works in a field where creativity is a necessity. It is a wonderful resource. And I recommend it to others to unlock your potential and discover new things about yourself.

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