Cooling weighted blanket is the right choice for soothing yourself or your children in the hot summer months or any time they need a refreshing nap or cuddle. Although the beneficial properties of weighted blankets are many, the frequently used types of fabric, batting, and heavy materials inside all work together to generate quite a bit of warmth. A weighted blanket that stays cool is an excellent idea for comfort and therapeutic benefits without the added temperature.

What is a Cool Weighted Blanket?

The materials used to create a weighted blanket determine if it will be very warm and cozy or cool and refreshing. If you want to shop for a spring or summer time cover but still provides all the health benefits of the weight, choose a smooth, light material like cotton instead of thicker ones like fleece and flannel. Also, choose one without excess quilt batting. Plastic beads inside may retain less body heat than glass.

How to Choose the Right One for You?

Choosing the right weighted cooling blanket follows much of the same rules as choosing any. Pick one that is about 10% of your body weight, is an appropriate size to not slide down the sides of your bed or couch, and is a pleasing color and pattern for your personal tastes. You will still get the therapeutic advantages without all the bulk and heat.

Because of the wonderful benefits that everyone can get from these unique blankets, it makes sense to buy some for your whole family. For safety's sake, do not share an adult one with a child or vice a versa. It is essential that the blanket be the right weight for maximum benefits, comfort, and to avoid any potential problems.

Weighted Blankets for Year-Round Comfort

No one wants to give up the therapeutic advantages of using a cool weighted blanket just because the weather turns warmer. The serotonin response, anxiety soothing, sleep benefits, and more are beneficial to your life no matter what time of year it is. You may like how you feel so much that you buy more than one. Consider a lighter and smoother cotton weighted blanket for summer and a cozy, cuddly fleece one for winter.

Although there may not be weighted cooling blankets with refrigerant running through them or something chemical going on that actually makes the blanket a lower temperature, there are ways to still feel cool and fresh when using one. The options listed above will help if you want the soothing weight of one of these therapeutic blankets without the overly warm and cozy feeling. With all the benefits for brain chemistry, comfortable sleep, and relief for anxiety, ADHD, and autism, there is no way you would want to give up the weighted blanket just because the weather gets warmer. Shop cheap weighted blanket and learn more information about heavy blanket, please visit YNM website.

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