Summer is in full swing and our team here at Fulmer Sill recently had the opportunity to celebrate the changing season in the heart of Oklahoma City without closest friends. Our Summer Scene event was wildly successful and it was rewarding to see so many smiling faces enjoying one another’s company while supporting a great cause.

For this event, we partnered with Bella SPCA and worked to raise money to assist in the fostering of local animals in need. Talented musician Randy Cassimusalso made an appearance at the Summer Scene and serenaded us with live music we were able to enjoy while studying the stunning art adorning the walls provided by Rob Phenix. Rob is a local artist and his art is self-described as contrasting the absurd and the mundane. The colorful canvases served as a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful evening.

We also had some extra fun with the help of our friends at MVP Photo Booth. From silly group photos to sweet photos of our previous clients and their loved ones. These images are a forever reminder of the event and the memorable moments shared. Know more...

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I am Devin Herz, currently associated with Fulmersill. We believe everyone is equal under the law. We take pride in providing an unparalleled commitment to our clients, most of whom are individuals, families and small businesses who have been unfairly treated or tragically harmed by large corporations.