Are your pets safe for the summer? Your pets health can be effected if they are not ready for the summer heat. Lets talk about summer safety for your pets health.

Soon the birds will be back and the leaves on the trees. That warm summer breeze will make you feel all warm inside and happy the cold winter has past. This is the time to remember our furry little friends who sometimes suffer from the summer heat. They love us unconditionally even if they are suffering. We can take steps to insure that our pets are safe when that first heat wave comes by. Our pets are like our family members, so let us treat them like it.
First step is to be prepared. Water, can't stress this enough. Make sure your pets have continual supply of water. Imagine working or playing outside and not having any water. Heat stress will take a toll on your body without replenishing the water that you sweat out. The same can be said for our pets. There has been countless times when you hear in the news of pets dying because of not being cared for in the summer heat and not having water. Another preparation you should make is shelter. Protect your pet from the summer sun and heat. Your pet may not dissipate heat as well as humans. Dogs and cats are susceptible to sunburn, especially recently shaved dogs or cats, or pets with thin hair. How would you like it standing in the blazing sun and not being able to get into the shade. For pets it can be even more dangerous. If you have an animal in a kennel and sitting in the blazing sun, they have no choice but to cook with their heavy fur coats. Shelter is also important for stormy days or nights. You could tell yourself that all those wild animals are outside in this weather and they survive. Well the truth of the matter is many of them do not. They maybe able to hide in shaded areas but sickness does follow them more than you now. Wild animals are very resilient and in most cases only the strong survive. They have been in this environment and have learned how to survive. Our pets are domesticated. They only know what you have trained in them and most can not survive on their own. So having shelter for them to get out of the elements can go along way to insure your pets health and safety.
When your pet is outside this summer, be sure to keep your pet safe with a leash. Using a leash may avoid an unfortunate confrontation with another animal that may harm your pet. leashes give your pet the feeling of freedom and movement it needs outside.

Car travel in the summer, Car rides are filled with potential hazards. You should avoid leaving your pet unattended in the vehicle. It is easy for your pet to get heatstroke. If you must leave your pet in the vehicle while you are gone, leave at least two windows open for a cross draft and fresh air. A car can heat up to devastating temperatures in a very short amount of time. When you are on the road this summer, the car can be a dangerous place for a pet, even if it is out of the direct sun. Also feed your pet only a few small meals before leaving in your car to avoid motion sickness. You may want to keep a leash on your pet even when in the car to prevent it from trying to bolt out the window if it becomes frightened by something. Car harnesses or portable kennels will keep your pet safely restrained while riding in your vehicle. You should also plan for twice as many rest stops as you would for your children. Animals need time to stretch and go to the bathroom more often than humans. Having a pet travel kit, just as you would a medical kit for yourself. In your pet travel kit, you should keep food, dishes, some treats, a favorite toy, a blanket, and a brush. Having paper towels, and supplies to clean up after your pet is also a good idea to bring along.

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