Let’s have some fun! These unusual times we find ourselves in have provided many of us with stolen time to spend with those we love the most – our families. As our next challenge, we would like to see how you are making the most of your time while social distancing. Show us how you and your family are spending your time together with photos! They can be anything from a failed Pinterest baking adventure to a dog pile of sleeping kids, or an impressive toilet paper stash! Let’s use these silly photos to remind each other that while we might be stuck inside, we are all in this together!

Submit your photos on facebook or Instagram using #FSPhotoChallenge.

This challenge will run from April 22nd – May 8th, with the winner being announced on May 11th!

We will be randomly selecting two entries, and each will win a $50 gift certificate! Be sure to share with your friends and encourage them to participate too!

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