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Now let us discuss a few styles of sunglasses of wholesale sunglasses that are available to make your eyes look classy.


Aviator sunglasses are unisex sunglasses that come in the compact oval shape, which is suitable for people with a long face.

Big and Tall:

Big and tall sunglasses are designed for men that are made of polycarbonate material where the frame is made of wood and gives you a classic style and match with your dress.

Cat Eye:

Cat-eye sunglasses are made of gradient lenses with polycarbonate framework, and it is exclusively designed for women who give women a cat-eye look and make them look stylish.

Round and oval:

Round and oval are the recent styles that are trending in the market. This type of sunglasses is designed for unisex, and the lenses through which this sunglass is made is assorted and comes with a metallic framework which gives an elegant look.

Sport and goggle:

Sport and goggle lenses are made of colored glasses which are used by people who involve sports activity like swimming, and their frame is made of polycarbonate material.

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Now, let us discuss a few hair accessories which are useful for women and mean to gear-up according to their wardrobe. Hair accessories have become the most fashionable accessories over the decades. Now let us discuss what types of hair accessories available in the market. Who will not love to have wholesale hair accessories which give your hair bouncy look? To get those, visit CC Wholesale Clothing.

Hair clips:

Hair clips come in wide variety and ranges, which is used to hold your hair together and help in giving your hair a bouncy look, which will make people astonished with your amazing styles.


Barrettes are types of hair clip which is used to hold your hair clasp for maintaining your hair at one place. There are different models available in a barrette, which gives a unique look to your strands.


Headbands are used to hold your hairs together and make your hair frizz-free look, which gives a stylish look to your hair.

Hair combs:

Hair combs are an essential accessory that is required to brush our hair to maintain our hair regularly, which will help to protect from hair damages and make your hair look healthier and shines.
Wholesale sunglasses and Wholesale hair accessories are a few fashion accessories will help you to gear-up your fashion sense and make you look fashionable and classy.

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