Why do people choose to struggle? That question has been asked a million times, and still the answer seems to be out of reach for those who cannot even fathom the idea that struggle IS a choice. You will fight, argue, "struggle" with the belief that any experience that causes you to feel "bad" is NOT a choice, for why on earth would you CHOOSE to feel bad--and yet many times when faced with great change in your life, feeling bad is exactly what you'll do--hence, struggle ensues.

You struggle with your relationships, your finances, your career, your health, but mostly, you struggle with your worthiness, which is the cause of every other experience that you struggle with in your life. You may blame others, blame your circumstances, blame the world, you may even blame yourself for your struggles, but there is no need for blame...you just need to look in the mirror at the dreamer who is dreaming the dream and give that person permission to be worthy of all they are dreaming.

Perhaps also, it's your perceptions that cause you to struggle, one perception being that change can only take place through hard work and sacrifice. Perhaps it's because any time that you have experienced change in your life it has been painful and difficult. PERHAPS you have "created" struggles in your life to realize that they were not necessary at all, to learn that the only thing you needed to do was to change the thoughts that were creating the struggle in the first place! And what if you did change those thoughts, what would they be? Well of course, that when change does occur, you can "choose" to flow through it easily, effortlessly, and safely knowing that everything is ALWAYS in perfect and Divine order.

It will take "effort" to change that old programming, but it doesn't have to be a struggle. You can "choose" to believe that change brings only good things, not difficult things, you can "choose" to look at those feelings that you have labled as bad and say "wow, this is interesting, what can I learn from these feelings, what do I need to let go of?" You can "choose" to believe that you deserve to experience wonderful, glorious change because you ARE worthy...then perhaps you can let go of your struggle and let go of being the "victim" and become the VICTOR.

It's your choice, it always has been, choose to make struggle not even an option!

The Angels

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Teacher/Messenger, Metaphysician, Reiki Master Teacher who delivers messages from the Angelic Realm. To learn more about her, and to sign up to receive free daily angel messages in your email, visit www.powerwithin.us