Spring has finally here in Atlanta and that always means changes. Those changes have already started, we just don't see them.

They're taking place deep underground where roots are spreading, plants are drawing the nutrition they need to flower and flourish.

Whether you like it or not change is always happening around us, in nature and in your life.

Sometimes these changes are subtle, sometimes they're obvious. In some cases you can't control changes, like the changing of seasons. But there are changes that you can create, the kind of changes that you want when you apply a simple process.

In today's blogs I'll show you how you can create the changes you want quickly and easily. So Read on and enjoy!
Whether you like it or not change is going to happen.

Take a look at your life today and compare it to where you were 10 or 20 years ago and you'll see a number of changes.

Do you have the same friends that you had 20 years ago?
Are you still at the same job you were at 20 years ago?
Are you living in the same place?
How has the neighborhood changed?
Do you now have a cell phone?
You couldn't have a cell phone 20 years ago.
You also probably didn't have a computer or internet 20 years ago.

Things change, and that's a part of life.
Life itself is made up of constant changes, and these constant changes allow you to grow and experience life at it's fullest level, but only when you embrace them.
If you resist change, if you remain stubborn, you turn your back on the process of life and you limit your ability to succeed and have a rewarding life.

Your relationships, finances, home, lifestyle have all changed over the years.

But how much of the change did you actually create?
How much of it did you actually want?

To create the kind of changes you want you first have to accept that change will happen

whether you like it or not! The more you fight change the tougher life gets.

Every change brings a new opportunity, you can recognize that opportunity, or you can avoid it and feel sorry for yourself.

Learn to recognize the opportunities when change comes and you'll discover that those opportunities will lead to the life that you really want.

Only when you embrace the change, when you accept that change has arrived and is now knocking on your door can you begin to live the life you want and enjoy greater success.
Instead of trying to preserve what you have, think about expanding and looking for the new options. When you remain stubborn you'll resist change and things will only get worse.

Everything about us changes as we get older and grow.

Get ready for change.
Prepare for change.

Create the changes that you want so that you're no longer reacting to life but creating the life that you want.

Now if want to create the life you want you first have to change the pattern of thinking that has created your current life.

To do that try answering a few simple questions:
Do you embrace change when it happens?
If you don't embrace change when it happens then you're resisting change and you're missing out on opportunities.

Do you trust and believe that you will have what you need, or want? Or do you live in fear? Always worrying about what will happen next, trying to gain some security and stability in life but never being able to get what you want, always afraid that something may go wrong?

If you live life that way then you're actually working against yourself because life is not stable and secure.
Life is constantly changing; in fact we live in a time where life has never been less secure. Get used to it, don't fight it. If you fight it you lose out on the opportunity to
enjoy the process and live the life you want.

Do you feel you're just stuck in a rut, and can't get going?
Or do you feel that life is moving at a fun and rewarding pace where you are constantly growing and learning?
If you feel you're stuck then take a closer look and you'll find that you're resisting changes in certain areas.
Can you make some changes in those areas? If you could make some changes what would they be and how would these new changes impact your life?

Now start making those changes. :)

This is very important because change can be painful. A lot of times you may resist change because you're comfortable in your current situation.

So take a look at the changes you would make and see if they will have a positive impact on your life. Then ask yourself why you're not making those changes? Your answer may surprise you but it will help you understand why you're not living the life you want. Finally ask yourself if you have a positive or negative outlook on life.

If you have a negative outlook on life then you're not very happy with your life and you're not creating the changes you want. Or you're resisting change.

If you want a better life you will have to change.
Life can't get better and you remain stay the same.
You can't make a million dollars and continue working for 40-thousand a year.
You can't remain single and be in a great relationship.
Discover what changes you need to be making today.
Know why things need to change - THIS is what motivates you.
Take steps to make changes instead of waiting for changes to happen.

Take control and start creating the life you want today.
Your subconscious mind wants change, you want changes, your tired of your current situation, start creating those changes today

Remember -- you only get one life and one chance.
Make the most of it.
Stop defeating yourself, stop limiting yourself.
Stretch Yourself and create all the success you want and deserve in life.

Start Living Now.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Author's Bio: 

Ron is the CEO of Entheos Consulting Groups, which provides consulting, assessment, training, and coaching services for Fortune 500 companies as well as to smaller organizations. The company primary expertise focuses on peak performance in all aspects of your life, stretching you to find your fullest potential.