Rarely do we, if not all, will realize that the pains we experience are due to ill health, but are actually an indicator of impaired function of the autonomic system for regulating stress and increased workload.

Experts recommend not to remain indifferent to the signals your body, especially if you complain at least three of them recently consistently - to turn and seek professional help.

What are the symptoms that indicate increased stress and the need for rest and measures in the direction of improving the quality of life?

1. Headache

Let's start with the trivial and one of the most common complaints - headaches. Because stress are two common "types". If one has a complaint of prolonged "tightening the head," which notes not only on a particular day, but days and weeks. In most cases, the pain comes from tight neck and shoulder muscles instinctively during heavy strain. This in turn produces pain in the head. Role play and ergonomics in the workplace - desk height, monitor, chair to face the eye position of the elbows, bend at the waist ...

To overcome it, look for instructions to begin the correct position in the workplace (for example, we suggest that). Try to enter schedule periodic breaks, accompanied by stirring. Take several times a day for a few minutes Gymnastics neck and shoulders, waist. Allow yourself to be pampered at least 2-3 weeks with a short massage in the neck, head and same time and enjoy a relaxing warm bath.

The next step now involves learning the techniques to reduce stress.
Differences in migraine headache is that it appears as an attack. It occurs regularly and feel only one side of the head. His strength is much greater, literally "pulling of action" is accompanied by an aura - visual disturbances, hearing impairment, and other complaints of physical nature such as nausea. This is due to the enlargement of the arteries in the skull, which can be found in specialized research. It can be produced by stress - is seen by researchers and experts in stress, migraine sufferers.

In all cases the presence of migraine requires consultation with the doctor to clarify the cause and proper treatment of the case.

What can be done in such distress, is affected to a break. Anyway, his condition would not allow his performance, or who knows what performance and behavior extra strain on the situation - if it is observed irritability, strong sensitivity of distractions, tiredness ...

2. Backache and back pain

Can we assume that the pain in the back or waist is not really due to the alleged disc disease, and are the result of repressed our emotional state for a longer period of time? Experts say prolonged mental stresses are responsible for producing convulsions of the muscles, and which is due to back pain.

So if you suffer from pain in the spine, chest or waist section, consider whether the time has come to break the shell in which you are and ignore factors that have to endure. Even if you do not want to admit it, your body has long been "caught" the conditions in which you are placed, are not acceptable to you.

Not bad, of course, to think and to actively discharge - any dynamic physical activity would be beneficial. Arranged workplace, strengthening the muscles of the back and waist with appropriate exercises, beware of currents and abrupt transitions from one temperature to another and do not overdo the use of office chairs with swivel ... And by all means, eat a balanced and fully and consider how you could for himself to lead more fulfilling lifestyle - everyone is entitled to it!
3. "Nervous stomach"

Heaviness in stomach acid disorders, pain, even ulcers - can all be attributed to stress. Usually described by natures whose mentality side creates a sense of helplessness and weakness. These people often feel neglected, abandoned, poorly assessed, overburdened, inclined to rely on unpleasant feelings like envy for their own ignorance or lack of resolve to deal with the problems of everyday life ... In fact, the reasons for their complaints in most cases are not even around, but deeply rooted in them. Obviously, there is some unconscious or stomach problem with spasms in the abdomen have a solution. Stop the frustration and begin to change the world by yourself!

4. Incorrect breathing

You've probably heard if you complained of the "lack of air" of tightness in the chest, which can not breathe ... The latter may be a symptom of a serious condition, but in this case for reasons of psycho-vegetative nature. Blowing here is caused by fear, which is sometimes the cause of seizures and asthmatics.

In the latter example, have rest and the simplification ... In mild cases, it is sufficient to master the breathing techniques that can be used for signs of stress and learn to breathe more efficiently using, if not all, almost the entire capacity of the lungs - like breathe in and out to obtain deep lifting the bottom of the chest and abdomen, not just superficial "flicker" on the top near the shoulders.

5. Complaints from cardiovascular

Stress occurs narrowing of blood vessels that affect the general circulation and the heart. Usually anxiety complain of pain and tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, dizziness ...

In the long-term stress can lead to unpleasant changes in the system. And before it affects the autonomic nervous and metabolism, which distorted fat metabolism, appears durable high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which is defined a series of tough conditions and diseases such as atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, coronary .. .

6. Other signs of stress ...

Anyone can issue an "on your own" for excessive workload and stress condition in which it is located. These symptoms are just part of all the possible and most common. At least we are aware, however, events such as insomnia and sleep too light for anxiety, impaired speech, otherwise people without such problems, often illness, such as colds, including gynecological problems, flatulence and constipation, frequent skin irritations , disturbance in sex, but in the reproductive system leading to infertility ...

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