You might wonder why some apps get so much of a presence on app stores and on other digital platforms while some apps don’t even get a single download. There’s a staggering number of apps existing already and being launched on app stores every day. The competition is extremely high. You can spend money on getting your app developed from one of the finest mobile app development companies such as Technbrains in New York, or any other tech giant and still it can fail, if you don’t market your product wisely.

The right way to Market your app

Only a meticulous marketing technique can make your app’s presence strong in today’s already saturated app stores. The amount, time and energy you have had spent in getting your perfect app developed, deserves the same amount of energy in its marketing process as well. Effective mobile app marketing involves defining and analyzing your targeted audience, and making sure your app services are reaching them. Another aim for great app marketing strategy is that, not only you gain loyal customers, but also, these customer bring in swarm of people.

The Awareness stage of App (pre-launch)

Getting an app developed but not spreading enough awareness about it is like your hard work being worthless.

• The Awareness of your product should reach first in the market before the actual product’s release. This stage can also be called brand building and increasing product visibility. Such techniques help create a sense of anticipating among the interested users.

• Before awareness stage begins, you must be clear in mind what the brand message and its positioning is, only then you can gather the right targeted audience.

• For instance, you wouldn’t want the tween children to learn about your new healthcare app because they are not the targeted audience for that kind of an app.

Execution stage (App launching)

During this stage, your possibilities are limitless. It’s simple, the more efforts you’ll put in, the more result you’ll see.

• There are so many ways to be creative in the execution stage of your app marketing. One important thing to keep in mind is to not stick with one strategy for a long time. Keep refining according to the consumer response.

• In the first week of your app’s launch, your target must be to get maximum downloads. This way, your app will rank on the top of app store searches.

• You can move towards the paid marketing strategy as well. Many apps’ pay other mobile applications to run their advertisement. This is also a great way for others to learn about the existence of your newly launched application.

• App store optimization is another, secondary level marketing strategy that will help you enhance your number of downloads. Through optimization, the keywords used in the meta title and description of your app helps to increase your visibility.

• Social media is a great place to create your app’s buzz. You can collaborate with Instagram influencers with millions of followers to promote your mobile app as well as use traditional in-store marketing (billboards, panaflex).

Feedback stage

Know that everything needs improvement as nothing is perfect. For this stage, you’ll need to consider a few points.

• Ask your consumers for feedback and take negative reviews as a constructive criticism.

• Use people’s advice and make changes in the app according to the consumer demands.

• Launch campaigns to increase interactivity. This helps in retaining customer loyalty.


Diversifying your marketing strategy will help you reach a larger number of audience. There are not limitations when it comes to app promotion. The quantity of people you are attracting to your app isn’t important, but quality does, so keeping that in mind, you need to craft your marketing strategies accordingly.

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