Today I’d like to share a few stories to illustrate how each and every one of us manifest with our thoughts. I would like to show you the experiences we encounter happen according to the thought and mood before it happened in the outer reality.

It was just last year, and I found myself through a period of stress with work. I was managing too many projects at the same time, and by the end of each day I was burned out. One night, as I closed my eyes, my imagination was all over the place. I started doing what many people do in their free time – fantasy, letting the imagination create scenarios which we indulge in in our fantasies. I saw the faces of the people that I interacted during the day, and one of them was my colleague who was a tall and slender guy with a thin face and short hair. We collaborated in a project which was quite stressful for me. And in my state of stress, I let my imagination be carried away by the mood and saw us both stressed out in a disagreement and got into a bit of a pushing and fighting, in my imagination. I disregarded that fantasy and forgot about it.

Then 1 week later, one evening I was walking home from work. A young teenager about 16 or 17 years old asked me for a cigarette. I said no, I didn’t have one – naturally because I don’t smoke. Then he started to call me a “f——- dog”, and started yelling abuse at me. Naturally, I told him off and we exchanged insults on the street as we walked away from each other. Then he started to run towards me and started to push me. I was carrying a bag of groceries in one hand, and my bag on my shoulder, so I swung my bag at him and hit him back. He then came over, with his eyes red and an expression of rage all over his face, and punched me on my shoulder. I dropped my groceries and bag and ready to take him on, when his other friend came and both of them started threatening me. Just at this moment, a middle aged man came between us and told them to go away, and the man pulled me away from the scene and told me it was useless for me to challenge them, for there were 2 of them against myself. The 2 youths started running away and celebrated their ‘win’ against me. Naturally, I called the police and I followed them. The police came and caught them later in the city. It turned out, the one who attacked me had a series of previous convictions against the law. Now, the interesting thing was that I went home and reviewed the event, I remembered my imagination of my colleague, and to my surprise, the youth had a resemblance to my colleague. He was tall and slim, had a thin and long face and short brown hair.

Somehow, my imagination from a week before had created an event to match the mood and scenario that I fleetingly imagined.

Then I remembered this story from my friend. He said, “I remembered more than 10 years ago, a similar thing happened. I had to take a day off from work for a personal reason – one that I did not wish to discuss with my boss at that time. So in my imagination, I made up this story which was an excuse that I had to be absent from work because the pipes in my apartment was leaking. I imagined telling him this made up story-only in my imagination. The next day, I decided I didn’t need to take a day off anymore, and I forgot about the whole thing. But 2 days later, I noticed a small wet patch on the carpet of my apartment, just outside the toilet. The next day, the wet patch got bigger. By the 3rd day, the patch had grown to about one square meter in size. By the 5th day the whole living room carpet was flooded by a leaking pipe in the ceiling. The water had flowed down the hollow walls to underneath the carpet. Then I really had to take a day off to fix the mess.” What he imagined telling his boss, he had to tell in the physical after the thing happened.

Imagination creates your experiences. It does not care if you are thinking about experiences that are good, bad or indifferent.

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