As you use hypnosis to stop smoking, keep these quit smoking tips in mind. The following stop smoking hypnosis tips will help guide you into a deeper, stronger, and more effective state of trance.

Remember, you’re in control. The hypnotist is just a guide assisting you in the process of awakening your subconscious mind.

Entering a trance state is about releasing the everyday stressors of your life. As you relax your body, you’ll be able to sense a greater clarity in your thought processes. You’ll be able to venture through the landscape of your mind with a sense of lucidity you might not have ever expected to experience!

Just breathe deeply and concentrate on your heartbeat, letting your thoughts float by without latching onto any one of them.

Stay Focused on the Hypnotist’s Voice
The hypnotist is there to guide you and assist you. The hypnotist will give you suggestions that will reinforce your experience of the hypnotic process, moving you further and further into deep states of trance.

Allow the hypnotist’s voice to fill your conscious mind, occupying it as you explore the exciting landscape of your powerful subconscious mind together.

Allow Yourself to Participate Fully in the Experience--Don’t Hold Back!
Ultimately, the effectiveness of your stop smoking hypnosis session is up to you. Go into the session with a positive mindset, eager to create change in your state of mind.

Negative self-talk will only hold you back, not only in your hypnotic session, but in your life as well. Be ready to create change and open the pathway between your subconscious and conscious mind. You are the master of your own mind. Your willingness to create lasting change will determine the effectiveness of hypnosis on your life.

Hypnosis is a two-way street. It requires openness to change. But, most of all, it requires that you are willing to move into a deep and fulfilling awareness of self.

Notice Any Emotions and Where You Feel Them in Your Body
Believe it or not, we store emotions in our subconscious memory. That is why certain people, situations and events are able to “push our buttons” and trigger and unexpected emotional response in us.

During your hypnosis session, pay attention to different feelings in your body. The awareness of where we keep different emotions is key to understanding and controlling them.

If a difficult emotion arises during your session, notice how it feels and moves in your body. Don’t attempt to avoid or repress these feelings. Open them up and explore them. Move your consciousness to the middle of these feelings.

If the feeling comes with a sense of motion or color, try moving the feeling in the opposite direction or assigning it a different, positive-associated color.

Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself
Aha! The most important tip of all time: enjoy yourself!

Hypnosis is a very exciting, fun, and rewarding experience. Many people "wake up" from the experience and feel a light, refreshed, "glowy" sensation in their bodies. Their minds feel clear and easy.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax and enjoy yourself!

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