Someone once said that worrying is praying for things you don’t want to happen. What a great saying, and, like all sayings, there’s a lot of truth in it. When you think about it, praying is when you concentrate on one thing and then you meditate or “pray” on it to the exclusion of all else. Usually, too, when you pray you put a lot of emotion into it and, of course, you have a lot of faith in what you are praying about. When you think about it, isn’t that what you do when you worry about something as well?

Think about all the time you spend worrying about not making enough sales. Usually what happens is that you begin to concentrate on all the reasons why you’re not closing enough deals – the economy, lack of good leads, competition, deficiencies in your product or service, etc. – and then you start dwelling on all the negative consequences of not making sales – not having enough money to pay your bills, then losing your job, not finding another, etc..

After a while, all these thoughts add up and before you know it you’ve invested a lot of energy and emotion into the horrible outcomes you’ve made up and within a few days or weeks you’ve built up enough evidence to support the faith you’ve developed that things just aren’t going to work out. When you look at it this way, worrying really is similar to praying for the things you don’t want to have happen!

There is a better way. What all top producers do is have an unyielding faith that things are going to work out as long as they keep taking action, change their actions as their results dictate, and most of all, they know they must stay focused on the results they do want to happen. You see, they know that whatever they dwell on long enough eventually manifests itself, and they know the key to their success starts with visualizing their goals as already having been accomplished, and they then just keep working towards them until they are.

I found one of the best examples of this attitude in the book “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. The book is about the Buddha and his journey to enlightenment. Before he became the Buddha, Siddhartha (as he was known) was successful at anything he undertook, and his close friend, Govinda, once asked him how he was able to so easily manifest any result he set his mind to. Siddhartha’s answer was beautiful in its simplicity, and powerful in its wisdom.

He simply responded, “It is easy. I simply do not allow any thought that is contrary to what I want to enter into my head.”

That is the essence of spiritual power, and it is the antithesis of worrying. All strong leaders, top performers, and great achievers share that kind of attitude on one level or another. I suspect that the closer to that ideal you can get, the faster and easier your manifestations are. It’s simply the law of universe.

The wonderful thing for all of us is that while we may not be able to act with the faith of the emerging Buddha at all times, we can recognize when we are worrying or being negative, and we all have the power to switch our thinking to the positive outcomes we know are possible. And the more we do this, the better actions we will take and the better results we will get. In this way life is a self-fulfilling prophesy and our destinies truly are in our own hands. And when we have this kind of knowledge, what is there really to worry about?

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