With the New Year only weeks away maybe like others you plan on turning over a new leaf and implementing some positive changes into you're life.

For many these changes revolve around health and fitness issues and while many decide to join a gym or go on a diet and shed their excess belly fat others decide to stop smoking New Year's Day.

Unfortunately for many these New Year Resolutions are short lived and last only a few weeks or only days in the case of giving up smoking before the twenty-a-day habit is resumed and another year has to pass before many smokers decide to give it another shot and make another attempt to finally stop smoking.

That being said, many people do however successfully kick the habit and say a parting farewell to their nicotine addiction but to join the elite of ex-smokers requires more than just stubbing out a cigarette. You need to plan ahead and be mentally prepared. So ask yourself how you plan to stop smoking New Year's Day.

Are you going to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as the nicotine patch or gum or are you going to try prescription medication. Other methods to quit smoking include hypnosis, acupuncture or the hi-tech method of acupuncture known as laser therapy. Or are you just going to quit smoking cold turkey.

All of the above methods have helped smokers finally stop smoking, but if you think all you need to do is stick a patch on you're arm or lay back and listen to someone's voice or get zapped with a laser beam then don't be surprised if you quickly relapse. Above all else it is your mental attitude that will determine you're success or failure.

Why do you want to stop smoking? After you give up cigarettes focus on the benefits. Within just a few days you're energy levels will improve, you're sense of taste and smell will improve as will you're bank balance. Additionally you will no longer smell of stale smoke or affect the health of friends and family that are around you when you smoke cigarettes.

Finally, if you fail then try again as soon as possible. Don't let another year pass before re-making another attempt and risk your health and watch you're money go up in smoke. Most ex-smokers will have had to of made numerous attempts before they finally reached their non-smoking goal, so keep trying.

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