Life takes on a feverish ‘spin’ when alcoholism becomes the root of unwanted behavioral problems in family life and the scenario becomes worst if there are kids in the family. Showing signs of being too dependent on alcohol is the first sign of trouble and if prolonged, and still denied by the alcoholic, will lead to a situation where the spouse can no longer cope and discussions of divorce or the very least separation will come to the fore. When this starts, it’s time to take stock and stop drinking to show how much you love and care for your family again.

There are thousands of alcoholics around and who have gone through processes of kicking the habit and eliminating this ‘family disease’ for good. Some have been successful, some struggle for years while some just can’t stop drinking, lose their families and waste their lives away.

Those who have been successful, do a few effective things.

First, don’t deny that you have a serious problem and need to stop drinking.

Second, put the guilt and anger behind you so that you can develop enough courage and focus on taking positive steps to make significant changes to make things right again for you and your family.

Third, a wife or a husband, who is on the verge of giving up will always be willing to stand by you and support you. The fact that he or she is considering leaving you is not because the love is no longer there, it’s because they can no longer cope with a ‘dead-end’ situation without a solution in the horizon. Involve them in your endeavor. You will not be disappointed.

Fourth, explore options. Know your constraints of finances, reputation and time. Some options include joining Alcoholic Anonymous, paying for counseling sessions and getting on a good program to give you a head-start to stop drinking. Some people achieve faster results with a combination of options while some just stick with one and still succeed.

Whichever option [s] you take, make sure you set your goal, list out the reasons why you want to achieve that goal and list out the kind of results you can expect when you reach your goal.

Sit down with your spouse, your kids, open up to them and tell them how serious you are when you say you want to stop drinking. Most of all, tell them what it means to YOU and THEM when you succeed. Tell them that you need their support.

Never forgot why people call alcoholism a family disease. Alcoholic impairments are behavioral – it affects day-to-day interactions of family life, it causes confusion, bewilderment, anger, fear and hurt which compounds over time. Stop drinking by taking action now. Your family cannot wait, your life cannot wait. It is not fair to your family that to put your family on hold just because you can’t stop drinking!

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Linda Abdullah is a Certified Wellness Planner dedicated to revolutionizing a self-sustaining wellness lifestyle in support of alternative medicine, mind-body-spirit equilibrium and active ageing. "Total Wellness Now - person by person, city by city, state by state, country by country"