It's very important nowadays to plan your investments well. Investments have become an exceptional part of our life to secure our future. There are many investment modes available currently but the investment mode which has tempted investors more is equity investment.
Equity investment is tricky and you need to be very careful while investing in the stock markets. Doing it on own can be much more tedious and can prove to be lethal for your monies invested. Just make it very simple if we don't repair our car on our own then why to do it with our investment. One should always get a professional advice for stock market investment. But the question arises is from whom? How to invest in stocks with the growth assurance? There are two options which are open for you that is a stock advisory services and portfolio management services. Both of these terms are closely related to each other but differ in the offerings. Let’s explore both of them comparatively and see which suits you.

Stock Advisor

The stock advisor is the person who can offer you various stock advisory services in a customized nature. These services typically provide you with the stock market tips and the investment rationale behind them. A stock advisor is a helping hand for you while you stepping in the stock markets.
The stock advisory firm is backed with a good research framework. The investment rationale is well verified by the SEBI registered research analyst which offers you the authenticity of the stock tip. Hiring a stock advisor to have its own benefits let's highlight some of the key benefits of hiring a stock advisor for you.

4 key Benefits of Stock Advisor

Stock Advisors Proactively Minimises Your Portfolio Risk
Stock Advisor Maximises Your Investment Performance
Your Share Advisor Lets You Do What You Do Best
Stock Advisor Takes Away Your Investment Worries

A stock advisor is very important for your investing life and is able to bring lots of investment opportunities which will aid your investment portfolio. so signing up for a good, SEBI registered investment advisory company in India is like hiring a trusted personal investment advisor for you.
If you just google the list of the stock advisors or investment advisors in India you will get a big and long enough list of the SEBI registered investment advisory, selecting best out of them would be the important task for you. There are some basic steps which can help you to shortlist the best stock advisor from the huge list.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

In the general sense, the stock advisor basically provides the buy call once the research is done on the specific stock. Going ahead all the other stuff like buying the stock and other tracks are up to you in the advisory services. The scenario is common in all other investment advisory services except for PMS. The stock advisor also provides the investment rationale for the stock tip provided definitely but in some cases, it may be possible that you may miss the recommendation and buy at some other point this can directly reduce the returns you generate. So that the portfolio management services are been offered to the investors.

Another key reason behind providing PMS is, the majority of the investors who opt for advisory services are busy professionals that are IT professionals, Businessman etc, who crazily busy in their daytime and are unable to keep an eye on the markets constantly. Such investors need an extremely personalized service. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is one such service that takes the burden of buying & selling away from the investors and saves the time and reduces the stress of the investor. In short, the Portfolio management service is the one-stop solution for all your investment worries. So let's just explore this service and look a bit deeper to understand its benefits and the drawbacks of PMS.

Portfolio management service helps you in constructing the best portfolio which suits your risk appetite from the scratch. The process of portfolio management involves the activities from Security analysis to the Portfolio evaluation and tracking. The key advantage you get from availing the PMS is that you get a customized investment portfolio which is focused towards achieving the financial goal without any hassles and time investment. Aggressive growth potential and let the profit run approach are the key takeaways of availing PMS.

However every coin has two sides, PMS is regulated and governed by SEBI and therefore have some rigid conditions to avail it. The basic and most important thing to note about the PMS is Capital requirement. As per SEBI guidelines, one needs to have a portfolio or investment capacity of minimum 5 lakhs to avail the PMS. But many of the advisors and brokers have the entry barrier of Rs.25 lakh for PMS. In short, you need to be HNI to avail PMS. Moreover, high brokerage and other PMS charges are some other hurdles you will face going ahead.

With all these rigid conditions, it is very clear people who have adequate capital can enjoy the portfolio management service. But what about others or who don’t have so much of capital to start investing and even lack with the market expertise.
For all such investors, we at Niveza have p360 which is a close alternative of PMS. The product is suitable to all from novice to high net worth investors where we offer personalized Research Service with a free dealer for you, the product offers you freedom from keeping track of "Buy", "Sell" calls initiated by us. In this service, all the investors need to do is bring Rs.2,00,000 capital, choose a plan that suits their requirements and then sit back and see their portfolio value soaring.

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